Cutest Perfume Atomizer, the leading online retailer of discounted genuine brand name fragrances and beauty products, has a new, handy-

travel atomizer

dandy Refillable Travel Atomizer that is just the cutest.

This lightweight, airline and TSA-approved portable perfume sprayer makes it convenient to carry your favorite scent with you anytime, anywhere. At just 3 inches long and holding .136 oz, this sleek design is great for men or women on the go.

Holding up to 50 sprays, the patented refill system fills directly from almost any fragrance bottle with a removable spray head. Simply remove the nozzle from your big fragrance bottle, pump the atomizer up and down on the tube, and you can be ready to go in just a few seconds.


The Refillable Atomizer features a sleek metal case in a bold purple hue with see-through window that allows you to clearly see how full (or empty) your atomizer is.


The Refillable Travel Atomizer is an under $10 steal at just $6.99 and can be found by visiting