Guys And Their Breakouts

Guys obsess over breakouts as much as we do, but we girls are usually pros at covering it up. Guys? Well, not so much. Well, maybe now, they’ll get the change.

Introducing the new They Hate Pimples – the first camouflage that’s made exclusively for guys – by guys. Unlike popping, acne meds or suffering through several days of shame and ridicule, They Hate Pimples delivers an immediate impact to cover up pimple problems. This hypoallergenic cream is a high-quality formulation with tea tree oil – an ingredient known to fight pimples.

Sold exclusively online in three varieties to match any guy’s skin tone – pale ale, medium lager and amber ale – $19.95. Click HERE to check out the video.

They Hate Pimples will also donate $3.00 from every purchase to Single Jingles, an organization that provides education and support to young men to raise awareness about testicular cancer, the #1 cancer among men ages 15-35.  For more information, please visit,