Save That Winter Damaged Hair

Winter can just ruin your hair.  From hat hair to static electricity, split ends to dry frizz, winter is indeed not your hair’s best friend.  Thermafuse stylists Toni Rae Stamey and Emily Chen gave us some great tips for winterizing as well as reinventing your hair care.
1) Shampoo wisely: Skip the shampoo for a day or two and just use your conditioner. Oil from your scalp is Mother Nature’s natural moisturizer and over-shampooing will strip your hair of it’s natural moisture and luster. Conditioning more often will also help ward off static!

2) Make yourself an omelet: L-cysteine, found in egg yolks, optimizes the production of keratin, a protein critical for healthy hair. And don’t forget to oil up the pan! The essential fatty acids in olive oil also boost the hydration of hair from the inside out.
3) “Winterize” your hair products: Time to move all of your humidity-defying hair products to the back of the cabinet and make roomyour thirst-quenching “Winter” products. Switch to a heavier conditioner, or better yet a treatment mask to soothe and smooth brittle ends and hydrate from the inside out. Hair serums and oils applied to wet or dry strands act as a moisturizer as well as a barrier from the elements. Try Thermafuse Heat Smart Serum

4) Schedule regular trims: Trims remove the dry, split ends that can make hair look dull, especially if you have a lot of layers. Even a quarter inch off the ends can make all the difference. For long hair, try to go every 8 weeks. For short hair, every 4-6 weeks is appropriate.

5) Get your dose of fish oil: Fish oil is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and is known for it’s many health benefits. Along with improving your heart health, regular consumption can help your hair look healthier by keeping it shiny and smooth. Also, protein and iron found in fish oil helps your hair stay strong, luminous and durable.