Think Rum For Your At Home Mani-Pedis

2233 If you’re a fan of the at home mani & pedi treatment, you might want to think about rum. Not, not to drink (the holidays are over, right?), but in your do it yourself treatment. Try the new Red Hot Shandy Sparkling Soak cinnamon-scented sparkling bath soak and the appetizing Butter Rum Body Polish (think a dash of brown sugar and rum liquor, yum!)

Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh® gave us the low down on how to do your own Butter Rum Mani-Pedi. “Red Hot Shandy epitomizes the concept of ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’ with its alluring spicy aroma and deeply hydrating oil. While the irresistible Butter Rum’s dark rum and butterscotch scent becomes a reason to celebrate on its own.”

“Performing the at-home mani and pedi takes about 20 minutes depending on how long you want to soak your hands and feet, plus the time it takes to polish the nails,” says McLinden. “First, remove any existing polish using nail polish remover, then soak hands and feet.” She recommends pouring a capful of Red Hot Shandy Sparkling Soak into each of 2 soaking bowls filled with warm water – a small bowl for hands, and a larger bowl for the feet. She recommends soaking in the warm solution for 5-15 minutes to soften and envelop skin in the antioxidant-rich oils of the Red Hot Soak. Remove hands and feet. “Your skin will be noticeably silky soft,” says McLinden, “Pat dry with a towel before exfoliating.”

Next, she recommends applying a quarter-sized amount of the Butter Rum Body Polish onto feet and using a circular motion, rub vigorously, concentrating on calluses and tougher spots, exfoliating away dead skin and allowing the rice bran oil absorb into skin; Immerse feet into the warm water to rinse, and finally pat dry with a towel. After, she recommends applying the Body Polish to the hands at a sink using the same motion. “The fine grains of brown sugar and silky rice bran oil really work double-time to remove the drier, outer layers of skin, leaving you nothing but buttery-soft to the touch,” says McLinden. “Finish this celebratory mani-pedi by applying your favorite FarmHouse Fresh® body moisturizer while you’re still damp, to lock in hydration, before polishing your nails. I recommend finishing with the Backcountry Caramel Body Lotion, which is a peppery, warm caramel scent, perfect for the cold winter months.”

The new Butter Rum scrub includes coarse brown sugar, rum, Vitamin E, and rice bran oil, and comes in one size (available in a 13 oz. jar; 2224 retail price $34.00). The brown sugar helps remove dead skin and stimulates new cell growth, while the non-greasy rum and rice bran oil allow for glisteningly hydrated skin. The scrub is 95% natural, paraben and sulfate free. Both products are Vegan and gluten-free.Paraben and sulfate-free,the Red Hot Shandy Sparkling Soak (7.3 oz glass bottle; retail $20.00) is made with 96% natural and naturally-derived ingredients, and contains shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and various beneficial oils-olive fruit, grape seed, orange peel, jojoba, sunflower, soybean, and apricot kernel. Soybean, jojoba, sunflower and apricot kernel oils moisturize the skin, helping it increase moisture retention, while grapeseed and olive fruit oils have powerful antioxidants which diminish the damaging effects of the sun, enhancing the synthesis of healthy collagen, elastin and improving skin’s texture.

For more information about the Red Hot Shandy Sparkling Soak or Butter Rum Body Polish, or any other FarmHouse Fresh® retail or professional spa product, please contact FarmHouse Fresh® at 888-773-9626 or visit online at The products can also be purchased at luxury retail boutiques as well as top destination spas and resorts including the Halcyon Salon & Spa at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Glen Ivy Resort & Spas, Four Seasons Chicago, The Spa at Camelback Inn, Ritz-Carlton Orlando, The Trump Chicago and Hyatt Regencys, among others.