TIGI® Hair Care Announces Partnership with Children With Hair Loss

TIGI®, the maker of Bed Head®, Catwalk®, S-factor™, Rockaholic™, Copyrightcolor™, TIGI® Cosmetics and TIGI® Hair Reborn™, (you’ve heard of them right?)  just announced its partnership with Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) – a non-profit organization that provides annual customized hair replacements and styling services, at no cost, to children with medically-related hair loss. How cool is that?

TIGI® will work closely with CWHL to support the organization’s efforts to enhance self-confidence and renew the self-esteem of children suffering from medically-related hair loss.  TIGI®, which has thousands of salons in its network, will work hand-in-hand with these partners to host awareness-driving initiatives, donation and fundraising events, as well as issue marketing materials and advertisements to support CWHL and the partnership.

TIGI® and CWHL will begin showcasing their new partnership during America’s Beauty Show in Chicago on March 9-11, 2013.  The annual professional hair care and styling convention will be the backdrop for an interactive TIGI® booth, which will also feature a customized section for CWHL. During on-stage education seminars, TIGI® Educators will provide attendees with an overview of CWHL and its partnership with TIGI®.