A Lipstick & Gloss, All In One

Have you ever mixed a lipstick into a gloss just to see what different color you could make out of it? We sure have.  To make it easier for you, Mary Kay took a swirl, and combined a few existing shades to create two new, Limited Edition lip products.  The result?  Unique shades that look as pretty in the packaging as they do on your lips …

image001 (1)


FOR THE GLOSS LOVER:  To create a new look and versatile color for every skin tone, Mary Kay swirled existing shades of their NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss —Cream & Sugar and Pink Parfait – to create a peach pink shimmer in their new Celebrate shade.


FOR THE FULL LIP COLOR CRAVER:  If you’re looking to re-invent with a color you love, the new Mary Kay Creme Lipstick swirls together two creme lipstick shades – Compassion and Inspiration – Mary Kay created a vibrant berry pink shade, One Woman Can, perfect for the late summer and fall months.  

Available May 16th.   A portion of the proceeds from these products goes to help put an end to domestic violence.