Summer Skincare & Makeup Tips

Below are skincare and makeup tips for Summer, straight from celebrity makeup artist, Troy Edwards. Troy has been a national and international artist for companies such as, Bobbi Brown and Chanel, and educates makeup artists in Moscow and Montreal.




Using the right skincare for your skin type can BE makeup.  Smooth, even glowing skin is always fabulous on the Beach.  Here are some pointers to help you get there.

1.  Use a “Foaming Cleanser” that helps to cleanse your skin without it feeling dried out or too moisturized.


2.  The sun can cause your skin to feel dry and flaky.  Remove dead skin with a granule exfoliate, or use an “enzyme based one. (I personally use ones that are made of fruit acids, because they are much more gentle on my skin!) Make sure that you are using Sunscreen, as your skin is more sensitive to the effects of the sun, after exfoliation.


3.  Using a Tonic or a Toner (Tonic for a dry skin, Toner for oily skin) is a great way to get rid of excess dirt and oil after being on the Beach. Put some on a cotton ball and apply with a circular motion, after cleansing the skin.  You will be amazed at how much residue is on the cotton ball!  Your skin will feel so clean and refreshed afterwards.


4.  Using a “lightweight” moisturizer with an SPF is perfect. Moisturize and protect is the way to go when you are focused on having fun! Leave your more nourishing moisturizer for at night. For those of you who have an “oily” skin type, try using your serum as your day moisturizer, but make sure you put on your SPF!!!


5.  Makeup remover is one of those steps that women try to skip, and it can be one of the most important!  Try using an oil-based remover to take off ALL of your makeup and then use your foaming cleanser to to wash your face.  Double cleansing is a technique that is used in Japan and trust me, IT WORKS!




1. Foundation:  If your skin looks FABULOUS who really needs foundation?  Every foundation is going to melt, because your gonna sweat. Sweating is your body’s way of “air-conditioning” your face and body.  Since your gonna get a tan, skip the foundation. For the women who just can’t do without it, try using a “touch-up” stick on your problem areas, or blemishes.  My advice…..skip the foundation and use a “self tanner”.  You’re not going to expose your face to the sun, so why not make your face and neck match the rest of your tan skin?  There are numerous self tanners on the market that are AMAZING, and won’t leave you looking orange.  Exfoliate your skin, and then apply evenly. Having a tan looking face gives the illusion of your skin appearing more even, hence skipping the foundation all together.  If you feel it is too messy, then just use a powder bronzer or a “shimmer bronzer” instead.


2.  Blush:   With a tan, using a “Pop” color on the cheeks (bright pink, coral, or bright orange), can give you a ” healthy looking glow”, which can make you look natural and fresh!


3.  Lips:  Using “Chapstick” can actually dry out your lips! (That is why you feel the need to reapply so many times!) The sun can dry out your lips, also.  What do you do?  Use a sheer lip product that protects while giving you a little color. Look for products that have Vitamins A,C, and E in them.  These help to protect and moisturize your lips.


4.  Eyes:  Why bother using shadow and liner when it’s just gonna sweat off anyway?  Use a waterproof mascara.  That way, you can get in and out of the water and still have fabulous eyes.  Many women hate waterproof mascara because it is a pain to get off. Here is the best way to remove it, and save your eyes!  Apply “oil-based” remover on a cotton pad.  With your eyes closed, press and hold the pad on your eyes and count to 10, then swipe across your eye.  The oil helps to break down the mascara so removal is much easier.  Not to mention the oil helps to condition your lashes!

Now go out and enjoy the beach and your life!!!