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A New Launch, A New App, A New Skin Care Line

Ok, what does have Own Skincare in threes? Try a new

  • Skincare Launch
  • Skincare Line
  • Skincare App


1. Own Skincare just launched at Ulta locations nationwide, a natural skin care collection that uses CLA, a derivative of the safflower plant, to fight all three causes of aging in all three layers of the skin.  In clinical studies, CLA is proven to be as effective as retinol – without the harmful side effects. Own products are the only line in the USA to have a patent on this CLA technology.


2. The line is made up of 5 key products:

image001 (1)

•         Own Rejuvenating Cleanser

•         Own Lifting Eye Cream

•         Own Firming Silk Concentrate

•         Own Dual Protecting Day Lotion SPF 30

•         Own Refining Moisturizing Night Cream


The entire Own line retails for under $25 and is available at and Ulta locations.

3.  And last but not least, is Own Skincare’s New App, My Own.



Using facial-recognition technology to track 50 points on your face, My Own app analyzes a photograph of the user and provides a clinical evaluation of the major signs of aging, along with nutrition, wellness and beauty recommendations based on individual aging results.  The app assesses signs of aging by the number of fine lines, deep-set wrinkles, percentage of pigment and number of age spots. Those numbers are then compared to others in your age group.


Users take a photo of their faces, answer a few questions and indicate skin type and date of birth. Within two minutes of submitting this data, they receive an analysis of their complexion. The numbers are then compared to others in your age group. Upon the evaluation, you’ll receive a side-by-side comparison of the current submitted photo and a photo of what you could look like after following a recommended skin care and wellness regimen. There’s also a tracking tool, which lets you see how your complexion changes over time, motivating you to keep up the recommended skin care and wellness regimen. Own also encourages lifestyle modification tips, like sleeping on silk pillowcases to forestall wrinkles and eating potassium rich foods to decrease pigmentation.


My Own App is free and available for iPhone, iPad and android.  Test it out here:



Beauty Headlines

Beauty Headlines

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