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The IBS 2013 Recap

Countless members of the press, salon owners, estheticians and beauty professionals gathered at Jacob Javits Center this April 14th-16th searching for the trends and breakthrough products of 2013.

2013 Beauty Trends:

1. Extend your beauty: hair extensions, eyelash extensions, feather or dyed hair clips- these trends are here to stay. Unleash your inner chameleon and start transforming your idea of beauty.

2. Nail art isn’t only for the salons: many vendors were spotted selling nail art decals from rhinestones, glitter, to caviar nail beads. Why pay a manicurist when all of the tricks of the trade are available to you online?

3. Men keep up with their appearances too: male maintenance is booming more than ever. Grooming and skin care lines catering to men’s needs were spotted all through the expo.

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Here are some beauty brands seen at this year’s International Beauty Show:

Snappies: A sudden nostalgia struck when we spotted Snappies. Maybe it was the combination of the carnival themed booth, the free cotton candy along with the product, which is candy colored hair clip extensions. What little girl didn’t dream of cotton candy and having pink hair?

Milania: BRAVO TV’s Real Housewives of New Jersey’s star Teresa Giudice launched her brand new hair care line called Milania Professional Hair Care at this year’s International Beauty Show. Milania is a three-product hairline promising to protect and restore your tresses.

Beauty & Pinups: Their presentation involved pin-up girls dancing to rock and roll coming from the half car DJ booth. Beauty & Pinups gets an “A” in originality. This brand takes rocker chic to a new level.

Jungle Fever: The packaging is wild with zebra, cheetah, and leopard prints cover this company’s sleek packaging. Jungle Fever is a complete hair care line that sells online and in salons. What caught our attention are their Color Mask products. Want to go from blonde to red and back again all in the same 24 hours? This is the product for you.

Gehwol: A beautypress loyal, Gehwol has provided quality foot care for over 130 years, Gehwol delivers. Gehwol was at the International Beauty Show providing attendees with proper foot care procedures.

: The next generation of electric facial cleansers. Using T-Sonic technology, Foreo facial cleansers stimulate blood flow while LUNA technology activates the skin’s natural ability to expel pollutants. Use for two minutes morning and night and your face will have that natural glow you thought only cosmetics could give you!

Eve Pearl
: Cosmetics that already contain skin care? Talk about multi-tasking! Eve Pearl’s extensive lines of cosmetic products categorize themselves as CosmeNutrients.

Credit: beautypress


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