TUTORIAL: BRONZER Getting impatient for summer? If you (or the weather) are not quite in the mood, there’s nothing like a bronzer to bring up summer memories and lift your spirits. And I just found the best one. […]

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Eve Pearl’s method for False Lashes

Eve Pearl shares her signature method of applying eyelashes which I found to be very fascinating. The Eve Pearl’s signature application of eyelashes eliminates the use of eyelash curlers and also gives the lashes a much more natural […]

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Sheer Tint Trick

First it started with the look and convenience of BeneFit’s BeneTint (the liquid rose colored liquid stain), that started a whole new trend in quick makeup. Then came, one of my favorites, Sheer Wash by Lorac. Also for […]

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Blend, blend, blend.

One of my biggest pet peeves, is looking at someone’s face and they just did not blend. Streaky blush, eye shadows that are just winged out way too far, foundation that looks mismatched and misplaced…You know what I […]

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