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“As an L.A.-based makeup artist working on celebrity photo shoots day in and day out, you’d imagine that blogger Elke would have a well-eye shadowed eye for the latest and greatest in beauty products. As it follows, the Beautynews blog rates everything from department store counter products like Nars and trends in lipstick color to drug store goodies like Wet ‘n’ Wild and Sally Hansen. But she also runs a linked eStore that offers all her little tricks of the trade.

What sets this blog apart from the rest? The impressive photography and running diary-style editorial. Scroll down for a hilarious look at her all-time fashion pet peeves—finally putting to rest any thoughts that overdrawn Susan Lucci lips look good.”




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“I also forgot to include one of my favorite make-up blogs written by one of my favorite make-up artists, Elke Von Freudenberg. I interviewed Elke for my book and she gave me the most amazing tips on Budget Beauty.”





Beauty blogs are exploding across the Web. If you are makeup-obsessed and want to find out about the latest and greatest products, bookmark a few of these bloggers and check their sites out on a daily/weekly basis.

The women are truly beauty and product obsessed! And that’s a good thing.

The Beauty Newsletter
A day in the life of celebrity makeup artist. Blogger Elke Von Freudenberg writes about the products she actually plays with.