Hair Tips from Nelson J Salon

My fav hair salon in Beverly Hills – (with uber Celebrity haircolorist and stylist Nelson Chan, also founder of the eco-friendly Nelson J salon in Beverly Hills,) send me some super cool tips for styling hair for your next big event, all without a trip to the salon. How budget friendly is that?

“Being able to style hair at home versus going to the salon may save anywhere between $50 – $100.” says Chan, who was recently named “Best of LA by Los Angeles Magazine for “ammonia-free haircoloring”.

Fun, Sexy Curls Using Hot Rollers:

-Choose the right size rollers for you (large rollers create loose curls or soft waves, while small rollers create tighter curls and waves)
- Take 2-inch sections of dry hair and pull the hair at 90 degrees from the head
- Roll the curls away from the face
- Set for 5-10 mins
- TIP: Undo the rollers and comb hair with fingers, not a brush or comb for the newest look.

The Nelson J Salon also offers house calls on request. It is located at 350 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills.

For more information, please call 310-274-1553 or visit

Makeup Look: Bronzer on Ice

You’re probably thinking, what? Bronzer on ice? is that a new drink? No… it’s a new way to wear your bronzer. Because if you’re like me, sometimes being pale during drab winter months can be a bit, depressing.

So bronze it up. But I don’t mean apply like you just got back from a tropical island. No think holiday, festive, warm, cozy…

Take your fav bronzer but it’s gotta have shimmer in it. It’s holiday right? My all time fav ever is Cargo’s Bronzers… gorg.

Or try Sephora’s Brand.. best shimmer bronzer ever in my opinion….
Think warm golden shimmer.. and you got it. Now smile. And apply across your cheeks from ear to ear. Across cheeks, nose…cheeks. Back and forth. Think warm, glowing.. got it?
Now for the fun part.. take your fav shimmery white eye shadow..
You don’t want glitter.. you want shimmer.Dust across your eyelids and eyebrow bone.. and add a touch to the tops of your cheekbones…
Now take your super glossy shimmery nude lip gloss. If it has a touch of nude pink, even better. This makes your lips look like you but better… that’s the look.
try it in Pineapple Cocktail, a sheer iridescent ivory beige.
Throw on, out the door. A more natural yet glamorous new you… and the easiest look to maintain as well.


Addicted to beauty? Well, just you wait. You just might find yourself addicted to too…

You choose a theme, while your recipient gets to choose the activity. Giving an experience is extremely personal, not to mention, if you are looking for a gift for “the person who has it all,” giving an adventure or a class or a winery tour might just be the best way to go.

How it works:

   * As a buyer, you pick the theme you want to give based on whatever suits the personality of the recipient: winery tour/tasting, spa experience, adventure (e.g. scuba diving, scenic flights, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, 4×4 tours, etc.), classes (dance, martial arts, cooking, etc.)

   * Once you pick a theme, the gift recipient receives a guidebook of all the options in the theme (beautifully packaged) so that he/she can choose the specific activity (based on preferences and location)


It may seem as if this is an expensive gift, but in fact, the prices range from $34.99 to $129.


Spa & Well-Being for Women

Choose from 130+ venues nationwide for a full spa or well-being treatment

Examples of treatments: massages, facials, nutritional counseling, life coaching, etc…

SRP: $89

Spa & Well-Being for Men

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BEAUTY DEAL Beauty on a Budget Pencils

Pencils used to be all the rage, remember? Line eyes, shadow over. Line lips, lipstick over. Now? Not so much. If you’re like me, you have a whole bunch of pencils hanging around with nothing to do. Or so you thought.

Pencils On A Budget

Budget Trick #1:

Got that red, burgundy, wine lip pencil there? Oh, you’re so lucky. This is one of my favorite tricks of all time. The trick? How you apply it…. Since most lip pencils are thin and hard, it’s hard to apply the pencil somewhere else. But you can fudge a bit. How? Apply to clean skin. And create your very own cheek stain. The key, is to apply when there’s no other makeup on.

Just take your clean a.m. face, and apply your sunscreen/moisturizer. Now apply a bit more to your cheeks. Take your lip pencil, color appropriate and color your cheeks. Blend with fingers into your skin. Now here’s the trick. If you wear foundation, apply a bit more than you think you need of the lip pencil, apply your foundation over. You want the color to be enough to peek through and create a ‘stained’ cheek. Don’t wear liquid foundation? Keep the color as is on cheeks, ad dust your mineral makeup or powder over. Viola. Perfect cheeks that lasts forever. Want to play? Dust a bit of shimmering highlight on the apple of the cheek. Beautiful at night.

Budget Trick #2:

Most doesn’t work eye pencils are because of staying power. It creases, or comes right off. Trick: Apply to eyelids as a shadow colored base. Then take a touch of moisturizer on your finger and blend it on your eyelid. Apply your shadow on top. You can get creative by applying a brown, blue or black pencil on lids and going on top with another color like a shimmering navy blue or forest green over black pencil, gold over gray pencil, copper over brown pencil. You get the idea. Endless colors to create and play with.