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BEAUTY DEAL: Beauty on a Budget Blush

Blush is a fairly easy product to use. Just smile, brush on and go. But the #1 culprit of a bad blush? The color. Too dark, too muddy, too sparkly, too blue…. You end up looking more like a china doll than a J. Low replica. But don’t toss. Make it work.

Our Beauty on a Budget today deals with blush. So grab all your colors that don’t cut it and create your very own mixer basket. What’s a mixer basket? It holds all the shadow (more on that later) and blush colors that don’t work for you and let’s you create something else.

Blush on a Budget

So here are all your colors that are just bleh. Not quite. But don’t worry.

Budget Trick #1:

Throw in your basket Mixer Tool #1. Your fav clear lip gloss and/or lip balm. Now you just created a whole tool box of lip colors. That too pink blush? That too muddy brown bronzer? Just might work as a lip color. Easiest way is to swatch on your lips with a q-tip or your finger tip. Like? Cool. Now add your lip balm over to keep the color the same, or your lip gloss to darken slightly and create a nighttime look.

Budget Trick #2:

Love to get creative? Toss in your highlighter in your mixer basket. Can be liquid, a stick, or shadow. Stick highlighters are the best as you have more control over how much goes on. Have a blush color that doesn’t look right regardless what you do? Apply it dry first to lips, then touch your highlighter to the bottom lip. Then press lips together. Apply balm/gloss over. Viola. A nighttime look.

Budget Trick #3:

Have a blush that’s too light? Take your light brown eye brow or eye pencil. Lightly sketch over your lips, top and bottom, but don’t line your lips. Then apply your blusher color over. Apply balm/gloss over. Instant darker lip color…

Budget Trick #4:

Color goes on too light or just doesn’t last on you? Spritz your blush brush with a little bit of water (mist is the key here, not drench) and sweep over your blush. Apply. Let dry. Your blush will last for hours… but note, the color will go on slightly darker.

To stay creative, keep your clear lip gloss/balm, brown eye pencil and highlighter in your blush basket. Ready to create a new color at a moment’s notice.


HOLIDAY: Jillian Dempsey from Avon Gift Set


Jillian Dempsey’s Signature Collection

If you’re looking for a gift, but on budget? (Who isn’t lately?), check out the new Gift Set from Jillian Dempsey (yes, wife of McDreamy….) holiday set.

Insert said photo of McDreamy for you, and McSteamy for me, ok? 😉


Only: $25.00

The Collection includes:

  • Beauty Bag with Jillian’s Tips & Tricks card Polyester with nylon lining. 10 1/4″ L x 6 1/2″ H x 4″
  • ANEW CLINICAL Instant Face Lift 1 fl. oz.
  • Jillian Dempsey for AVON Professional Eyeshadow 3 eyeshadows (1 cream, 2 powder), .15 oz. total net wt.
  • Jillian Dempsey for AVON Professional Mascara Volumizing formula (upper lashes), .14 oz. net wt.
  • Waterproof formula (lower lashes), .12 oz. net wt.
  • Jillian Dempsey for AVON Professional Kohl Eye Liner .04 oz. net wt.
  • Ultra Color Rich Lipstick .13 oz. net wt.

“I’ve put together two palettes from my professional collection, with other Avon favorites, to give you the perfect holiday look.”

—Jillian Dempsey, Avon’s Global Creative Color Director

Jillian Dempsey’s Signature Collection

PLUS you get free shipping with your $30 order, just put in FS30REP at checkout… sweet!

p.s. Check out the Horizon Blush!



PRODUCT REVIEW: Susan Posnick ColorMe

I had the chance to try out the ColorMe blush from Susan Posnick recently and what a cutie it is!

200808290932.jpg Similar to the Lorac blush that has a sponge in it’s cap, Susan’s has a cute little powder puff that dispenses color onto the puff from container. No loose powder spilling anywhere, and the puff makes applying really easy. Best part? No blush brush needed. Just puff on and blend. The color lasted maybe 2 hours at the most, but other than that, I really liked how it worked. It’s also a mineral color, so for mineral makeup fans, you’ll be happy to see a more modern, easier way to apply your mineral blush. I also love the tap on lips for a lip stain tip they state. Just apply gloss or lip balm over for an easy color pick me up.


* As pure as COLORFLO

* Anti-bacterial

* Sweat proof and water resistant

* Enriched with Vitamins A and E


* Sweep the puff onto cheeks using gentle strokes

* Use edge of puff to apply as eyeshadow

* Apply on lips with a lip brush and top with conditioner



Make a product work for you.

There’s nothing I hate more than getting a product and then. Nothing. It does nothing. Case in point. A new blush. Great color, great packaging. Can’t wait to get it on.

Brush, stroke, sweep.


No color, no nothing.

Nothing infuriates me more.

Or even worse. You sweep on, looks great. Check 1 hour later. Gone.

As in disappeared.



Frustrating when it happens.

Easy to fix. How?


Take your regular blush brush (remember, you want the brush to fit the apple of your cheek when you smile. Does it? Perfect size.)

Then take a mister bottle of water. I have an old Aveda toner bottle that I love (that pretty green glass) and fill with water. Mist your brush with water. Pick up your color blush as usual. Apply.

Note: It will go on slightly darker, or brighter than you see. But that’s the point right? Sweep on. Smile. And best part? Because your blush is swept on slightly damp, your blush will last hours longer.

I promise.

A great humid summer month trick.