HOLIDAY: Faces Metaliglow

While us gals love the holiday season and all the primping we get to do, it also can get a bit, well, dull. No, not the shopping and gift wrapping silly. Our skin.

FACES, one of Canada’s trendiest and hottest makeup lines thought of just that. So it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for us beauty fanatics and one we’ll oh so love and be thankful for!



Just $15. Add to your everyday moisturizer and apply to cheeks, eyelids, forehead, or all over to get a truly natural glow. It can also be used under eye shadow to enhance longevity.

It’s available online at and in select FACES stores.


I’ve been on a self tanning kick lately and after getting out of super cold New York, well, I just didn’t want to wait for summer. Maybe not a full summer bronze glow, but just a little something to at least make me feel warmer. A soft tan should do the trick. I got the chance to play with the new AquaTan self tanning body milk sent to me by their PR.

Now, I’m super picky and seen to have a hard time finding a really good self tanner for myself. Only because I have discolorations in my skin that I’m hoping self-tanner will somewhat masque. And most don’t do it. It takes way too long to get any color, or once you get the color, you wish you hadn’t used it. Too orange, too fake, too everything. Some self-tanners disappear in the shower the next day, and others you have to constantly use every day to work. Okay, call me super picky, but wouldn’t it be great to apply something once a week and just leave it at that? With everything we have to put on our skin, sometimes that daily tanner just seems too much.

foto credit: Aqua Tan, Inc.
AquaTan to my total surprise worked. First of all, the scent. Awesome, wonderful, heavenly. No sticky, icky, wierd after scent. (I have a spray on one that just makes me gag every time I try to use it…) The scent is clean, fresh, almost grapefruit like. Lov. You also get the added benefits of getting White Tea, Cucumber, Green Tea Extracts, and Spring Water in your tanner.

You also get moisturizing benefits from Shea Butter, Kukui Nut Oil, Avocado Oil , Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5, and yes, my skin felt great. No wierd tacky after feel at all. It felt smooth, soft and almost like I had nothing on my skin.

But the most important part? The color. Gorgeous. A slightly bronzey gold color (not orange or brown) and it look great after one application. Just one. I was in heaven. They say the tan starts to develop immediately after application, and to leave on for 6 hours for darker results. Also cool factor: this is safe for both body and face. No need to get two products.

The color looked great, did not wash off in the shower the day after (yeah!) and lasted at least 4-5 days….

Now I’m still loving the Too Faced Tanner I got (great shimmer!)

Too Faced Tanning Bed In A Tube 6 oz

but this one, will definitely be added to my tanning efforts this summer!

Aqua Tan Self Tanning Milk

Also check out their Self Tanner for Faces Spray.

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