HOLIDAY: Booty Parlour

Okay, you’re a guy, looking for a sexy gift for your new girl, but you don’t want to come across too, well, like a sexaholic. Enter Booty Parlour’s Sex Bomb Kit. Believe me, she’ll love you for it…

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200811071547.jpg 200811071547.jpg
Looking to get a little sexy this holiday season, eh? Have you heard of Booty Parlour? It’s a very sexy kittenish line that offers well, just about everything to make you feel and look sexy. Like the Sex Bombs Kit.
Sex Bombs Kit Contents:
- Don’t Stop Solid Perfume With Pheromones
* Scented with a sensual blend of plums, raspberries, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood.
- Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer
* Pinky-gold shade warms every skin tone and leaves a sparkling “crushed-diamond” shimmer
* Smells & tastes like bubbly, fruity, pink champagne
* Portable “no spill” powderball is perfect for the purse – for “on-the-go” glow
- Get Flushed Sexy Lip And Cheek Tint
* Creamy formula blends down to give a natural rosy flush
* Delivers a stimulating, invigorating tingle – just like when you’ve been thinking naughty thoughts
* Includes a built-in mirror for flawless application.
The cute little round bottles, that yes, DO stand upright are downright adorable, and it’s funny but the round size makes it easy to find in your purse… the lip and cheek tint is a reddish see through color that happily, has a mirror in the cap! And the perfume smells delicious and the body shimmer powder is a on the pinky side but strong on sexy glitter…
This gift is sexy sexy without being embarrassing…. perfect for that new girl in your life.


Love Tarte?

Yep, me too.

Love their Tarte Cheek Stains?

Oh, so love!

Well, now Tarte has Bergdorf Goodman exclusive only shades


Did you know that their cheek stain is oil free and will NOT clog pores? And it’s also hydrating.

Available in the following shades:
· blissful: sheer soft-warm pink
· true love: sheer watermelon

How to use:
1. Remove product protector-cap. Wipe off any excess product.
2. Using fingers, sponge, or direct application: smear, dab, smudge, stain to your heart’s delight.

*Please note-condensation may occur on surface of cheek stain. For first time use remove clear, circular disc and discard. Then blot product with dry tissue.
Also is you’re still salivating, check out their totally amazing awesome goodness of:

Purse Your LIps

I don’t know about you but I’m DYING>>>>>>>>


I got this product from PR upon request and boy am I glad I did. If you color your hair like me, you definitely need this. One of my pet peeves is whenever I get my hair colored, most stylist don’t bother being careful around the hairline as they apply color or even take preventive measures to prevent staining the skin as they apply. And rather than cleaning up as they go, any color on your face (if you’re lucky) is removed as they remove and wash out the color, only for you to look in the mirror and find dark stains on your forehead, cheeks and sides of your neck. Not lovely. And it drives me nuts.

Enter, Repelle’s Skin Shield Wand


This does what your stylist should do. Just apply this little stick around your hairline before they apply the color and it will not stain your skin. It looks like it will because any color that gets on does go dark, but you’ll find that it easily removes off after with no problems.

I tried this when I got my hair color done and it worked great. It was easy to apply and easy to remove and I was colorstain free. I’m also using it on my eyebrow tinting clients as well to avoid any staining of the skin as I tint their eyebrows.

They also state that it also works as a chap-stick, a as a manicure helper (if you line your nails with Repelle it will prevent nail polish from sticking to your skin).

Repelle includes:

  • Pretectin-22™ which is derived from the rapeseed plant, a biodegradable ingredient which is the 3rd most common source of vegetable oil after soy and palm
    shea butter for barrier protection and for moisturizing
    aloe for its reputed healing properties
    Vitamin E for anti-oxidant power (which is particularly appropriate for hair color since it utilizes oxidizing dyes)
    Petrolatum, one of the most recommended ingredients by dematologists for skin protection and moisturization, and more! See our label for complete details.


Available at Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Kerr Drug nationwide.

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