Holiday Makeup Look: The new smoky eye

Oh you know everyone is going to be rocking the smoky eye this holiday season. It’s the time of year you can pack it on and look, well, glamorous rather than over done. But for this holiday, the smoky eye is different. How? Color. You usually think muddy browns, and blacks for creating the look. Not anymore, that’s so early 2000. Now? It’s a color that’s involved in there somewhere..and a new placement…

First off: Color

like gray try Thunderball from Nars



Or even gold…Duwop in Lava



or my favorite, dark forest green.


and even blue

Makeup Forever in Matte Blue


The new smoky eye doesn’t have to be dark and drab. Mix some color in and you’ll get a much fresher look. Worried about going too far? You can add in your color in one of two ways.
1. Shy? Just add your colored shadow on top of your eye pencil around your lashes, both top and bottom. Then put your regular smoky shade that you would use, like grays or browns on the lid… blend, add mascara and you’ve just livened up your new look. Or
2. Put the color on the whole eye lid and keep the lashes dark, with black pencil and mascara around the lashes both top and bottom and you’ll create a splash of color every time you blink. But keep the color on a darker more muted side. This is not the time to try out that bright blue peacock blue.. think midnight blue instead… see?
The most dramatic new way to wear the dark smoky eye and seen all over the runways was what I call the total smoky eye. As in everywhere from eyebrow to eye lashes. The whole eye is covered in……


The trick is to keep the lashes and pencil around the lashes darker than your shadow. A black pencil + mascara with a gray shadow applied up to the brow. Go too dark and you’ll start looking like an extra in a vampire sequel. Grays are my favorite shades for this look.. more mysterious… Trick: Apply gray shadow to your eye lid, and then blend up. Need more? Apply again to the eye lid and blend up each time… that way you get a gradation that fades to the brow bone and won’t look like one big mass of dark…

Try Kat Von D in Motorhead


Too much? Try just rimming the lashes with pencil, gray shadow and mascara,keeping the lids and bone clean…. or adding a touch of white sparkle shadow on the bone for that ‘snowflake’ look.. a more classic smoky eye…


BEAUTY DEAL: Beauty on a Budget Mascara

The first in a series of beauty budget blasting tips… or as I call it, how to make do with what you already own. Cause as my dad always said, a penny saved is a penny earned, and if you’re like me, you’ve got tons of beauty stuff just sitting there, gathering dust. I call this, the wanna be’s. The could have worked, could have been a contender beauty item that just didn’t cut it.

So what do you do? Throw it away? Gasp! Nope, can’t do that. It would be like throwing away my right arm! I can’t! I won’t! Don’t MAKE me! “But Elke, it’s just sitting there. Taking up valuable beauty counter real estate!” you say… I hear you. So join me. I’m on a mission to make it work. When there’s a will? There’s a way!

So to start off, if you’re like me, you have a gazillion mascaras piling up that just didn’t make the cut. Too thick, too clumpy, too wet, not long enough, thick enough lashes… don’t fear. We’ll get that mascara working in no time.

Mascara On A Budget

Go through all your mascara’s, and toss into a basket of the ones that don’t quite work. You know which ones do. They’re the ones you wear everyday, or for that special night out. The one(s) you grab, tried and true every time. But here? The basket is for the wanna be’s. And it doesn’t matter what brand it is.

Budget Trick #1:

Do my fav trick of all time. Take any two mascara’s and apply 1 coat of each to your lashes. I’ll betcha you’ll find a great lash look that way. Find two that rock? Rubber band them together so you know which ones they are. See? Two mascara’s that now work.

Budget Trick #2:

Have a wet, more liquid type of mascara? Use as a liquid eyeliner. Take your fav eye liner or short angle brush, and pick up from the wand itself. Then draw on for a 40′s look, or smudge with a dry q-tip for a edgier look. Best part is that it’s easier to apply than liquid liner, is darker than most liners and stays on all day. Won’t budget.

Budget Trick #3:

Have a light colored mascara that doesn’t color, cover or do much? Spritz lightly the mascara wand with water and lightly blot with a kleenex. Then lightly swipe through your brows. Note: this tends to work better on darker brows, as in if you have blonde brows? don’t attempt with a black mascara, no matter how sheer it looks…

Budget Trick #4:

Use as an eye shadow base. I can hear you gasping right now… but it works especially if you’re doing a dark smoky eye. Take a flat eye shadow brush and dampen. Brush over the wand and lightly brush over your eyelid. Let dry. Now apply your dark shadow on top. You’ll find that the shadow sticks and lasts longer. Even better? As the night wears on, when your shadow does too, the darkness of the mascara underneath keeps the look going strong.

Make your makeup smudge free.

If you’re thinking of rocking the smoky eye this holiday season, you may want to get yourself a box of Shadow Shields. There’s nothing worse than upgrading your day to night look, only to have a sweep of dark shadow migrate its way to under your eyes. Holiday look just went, well, dirty.

A box of 50 will cost ya $16.96, but they’re disposable, lightweight and has adhesive on the back so all you have to do is stick, apply shadow, and dispose. No holding shield in place while you work.


Have you tried? Let me know!

single pix.jpg

Beauty Tip #4: Spot fix your makeup goof.

Tip # 4 from MSN?

4) Spot-Treat Smudges
Dip a cotton swab in eye-makeup remover, and trace it along your lids to erase any slipups or goofs when there’s no time to redo your whole look.

Yep, I agree but the most important part is in the actual product you’re using to clean up your makeup mistake. Use anything too oily or greasy and you’re left with a too slick surface to reapply your makeup on.
My most favorite makeup mistake fixer has got to be from Swab Plus. When I first got these sent to me, I was a little cautious. But once I used them, wow. I haven’t been using anything else. Why? They make my mistake fixing part of my routine quick and super easy, especially when on a photo shoot and I have no time.

You just crack open one end of the swab. Snap it open the the remover runs down to the cotton swab tip. Then roll over your mistake and it miraculously gets cleaned up. Best part? No oily residue, at all. Skin is clean, smooth and ready for the next step. They’re also sanitary, in individual swabs so it’s clean and easy to use.

You can also get them at

You can also make your own so to speak. But just skip the oily eye makeup remover or any oils. Another way to work it is to use your regular moisturizer to clean up. Just pick up a touch on a clean Q-tip and roll off your makeup mistake. Then take the clean end of the Q-tip and remove any excess. Because you’re using the same moisturizer that you just applied, you’re less likely to ruin any makeup around the fix it area.

See? And you thought this would be hard…..