BEAUTY DEAL: Beauty on a Budget Mascara

The first in a series of beauty budget blasting tips… or as I call it, how to make do with what you already own. Cause as my dad always said, a penny saved is a penny earned, and if you’re like me, you’ve got tons of beauty stuff just sitting there, gathering dust. I call this, the wanna be’s. The could have worked, could have been a contender beauty item that just didn’t cut it.

So what do you do? Throw it away? Gasp! Nope, can’t do that. It would be like throwing away my right arm! I can’t! I won’t! Don’t MAKE me! “But Elke, it’s just sitting there. Taking up valuable beauty counter real estate!” you say… I hear you. So join me. I’m on a mission to make it work. When there’s a will? There’s a way!

So to start off, if you’re like me, you have a gazillion mascaras piling up that just didn’t make the cut. Too thick, too clumpy, too wet, not long enough, thick enough lashes… don’t fear. We’ll get that mascara working in no time.

Mascara On A Budget

Go through all your mascara’s, and toss into a basket of the ones that don’t quite work. You know which ones do. They’re the ones you wear everyday, or for that special night out. The one(s) you grab, tried and true every time. But here? The basket is for the wanna be’s. And it doesn’t matter what brand it is.

Budget Trick #1:

Do my fav trick of all time. Take any two mascara’s and apply 1 coat of each to your lashes. I’ll betcha you’ll find a great lash look that way. Find two that rock? Rubber band them together so you know which ones they are. See? Two mascara’s that now work.

Budget Trick #2:

Have a wet, more liquid type of mascara? Use as a liquid eyeliner. Take your fav eye liner or short angle brush, and pick up from the wand itself. Then draw on for a 40′s look, or smudge with a dry q-tip for a edgier look. Best part is that it’s easier to apply than liquid liner, is darker than most liners and stays on all day. Won’t budget.

Budget Trick #3:

Have a light colored mascara that doesn’t color, cover or do much? Spritz lightly the mascara wand with water and lightly blot with a kleenex. Then lightly swipe through your brows. Note: this tends to work better on darker brows, as in if you have blonde brows? don’t attempt with a black mascara, no matter how sheer it looks…

Budget Trick #4:

Use as an eye shadow base. I can hear you gasping right now… but it works especially if you’re doing a dark smoky eye. Take a flat eye shadow brush and dampen. Brush over the wand and lightly brush over your eyelid. Let dry. Now apply your dark shadow on top. You’ll find that the shadow sticks and lasts longer. Even better? As the night wears on, when your shadow does too, the darkness of the mascara underneath keeps the look going strong.

HOLIDAY Makeup Look: Red Lips

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to get out the makeup and party! The holiday’s are the most fun time and the perfect excuse to play with your makeup. This is the time you want to look glamorous, dramatic, gorgeous, stunning, breath taking… you get the picture…

So what’s a girl to do?With so many parties to attend and so little time….. I’ve narrowed it down to the top 4 makeup looks that you just gotta try, along with a few makeup techniques thrown in…

Look #1: The Classic Red Lip
Red lips become the holiday staple around the holidays, and with good reason. Sexy but not too sexy, glamorous, and just evokes the beauty icons of the 40′s. Elegance wrapped up all into one glamorous look. So keep it modern this holiday season.
THE red of the moment?
The darkest, truest red you can find.
LIke Kat Von D in200811051657.jpg
200811051658.jpg MISFIT (a deep blood red) or
200811051658.jpg HELLBENT (a true blue deep red.)
The key is to keep the red as dark and as true as you can find. No boysenberry, or plummy reds this season. It’s a deep gothic blood red.
LIke Urban Decay’s Lipstick

Key to getting dark red lips on?
You need a dark deep red lip pencil. Yep, red is one of those colors where you’ll be glad you paired it with a matching lip pencil. Cause when the red pigment in the lipstick wears down, the pencil will be there to back it up.

Can’t find a pencil to match completely? In this case, you can keep the pencil slightly lighter than the lipstick, so when the lipstick wears off, it’ll still look normal. A darker pencil under will change your lipstick color too much.
Application trick: Nervous about getting that lip pencil on perfect? Well, it doesn’t have to be tooo perfect. If you want viva glam ala 40′s, well, then yes. Perfect is the way to go.
Apply your lip pencil on the middle of the lips first, then line. But don’t worry about it. Now apply your lipstick as normal (lip brushes are great for getting the right amount on for less bleeding and feathering.) Okay, lipstick on. Now, now blot, and now go over your lip line again with the pencil but create your perfect line now. You’ll find it much easier to do. Why? You already have something on and it’s much easier to draw when there’s something there to guide you, rather than from scratch. See? That wasn’t so hard.

Fred Segal Beauty Blog + Online Store

Fred Segal is pretty much known as the place to see and be seen on celebrity shop circuit in Los Angeles, and this year marks their 30th Anniversary. And we get to celebrate too with a number of promotions and events, including a 30% off for 30 hours event on November 30th.

Not in Los Angeles? They also launched a brand new website and blog so you can shop their great items online as well.

Check out their store highlights:

200811111233.jpg 200811111233.jpg

  • New boutiques Mens and StylObjects to go with Apothia Beauty and Lifesize Kids
  • New Hot Box design for each boutique highlighting the hottest new brands
  • A NEW way to shop by seasonal collections – WINDOW SHOP. Highlighting products that are appropriate for the season
  • Apothia Los Angeles page highlighting our Apothia products and fragrances
  • New Blog with the latest topics on fashion, fragrance, and what’s hip, happening and crazy fantastic
  • It’s never been easier to sign up for our mailers – customized so you only receive mailers from the boutiques you want.
  • Color swatches – that show swatches and changes the product to match the swatch -

PRODUCT FIND: Sebastian Weightless Thickener

Since being wowed over by the last Sebastian goodies.. I thought I’d check out what their newest is.

Yep, something else I want to get….



liquid-to-foam formula

thickens and conditions,

weightlessly holding finer hair in place.


on damp hair,

apply from roots to ends

and blow-dry for weightless body.

scrunch into dry hair

for added texture and hold.

Set hair for ultimate thickness and volume.


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