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HOLIDAY: Booty Parlour


Okay, you’re a guy, looking for a sexy gift for your new girl, but you don’t want to come across too, well, like a sexaholic. Enter Booty Parlour’s Sex Bomb Kit. Believe me, she’ll love you for it… Looking to get a little sexy this holiday season, eh? Have you heard of Booty Parlour? It’s […]

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Never let your lips go naked. Always wear ChapStick®™ Don’t you love that catch phrase? hehe.. well ok then! I won’t! Have you tried Chaptick’s True Shimmer? I’m curious as to just how much shimmer there is…..too little? too much? or just right? Available in Botanical Berry and Tropical flavors ChapStick True Shimmer is available […]

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BEAUTY DEAL: Kiehl’s Pear Tree Complimentary Lip Balm


Vote in THIS election! In honor of Kiehl’s Day, they’re letting YOU vote for the next best Kiehl’s “Pear Tree Corner” formulation, Nov. 10 through Nov. 15. There’s also four new products in honor of their original home at Pear Tree Corner in New York’s East Village, So vote, because your ballot will then serve […]

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BEAUTY DEAL: Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm

Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm is a nostalgic blend of wild berry flavors with overtones of honey and vanilla and moisturized with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. This emollient lip and body balm evokes warm memories of freshly-baked pie and the simple charm of days gone by. [From Rosebud Perfume Co. Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm] Facebook […]

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This year, ChapStick® will donate $125,000 this year to the Susan G. Komen For a Cure Foundation with proceeds from its ChapStick Susan G. Komen for the Cure Pink Packs. Made from the same ingredients found in ChapStick Moisturizer, the ChapStick Susan G. Komen for the Cure Pink Pack includes three tubes of lip balm […]

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