HOLIDAY: Booty Parlour


Okay, you’re a guy, looking for a sexy gift for your new girl, but you don’t want to come across too, well, like a sexaholic. Enter Booty Parlour’s Sex Bomb Kit. Believe me, she’ll love you for it… Looking to get a little sexy this holiday season, eh? Have you heard of Booty Parlour? It’s […]

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BEAUTY DEAL Beauty on a Budget Pencils

Pencils used to be all the rage, remember? Line eyes, shadow over. Line lips, lipstick over. Now? Not so much. If you’re like me, you have a whole bunch of pencils hanging around with nothing to do. Or so you thought. Pencils On A Budget Budget Trick #1: Got that red, burgundy, wine lip pencil […]

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HOLIDAY: Laura Geller Dream Creams Lip Palette


Dream Creams Lip Palette: Hand selected by Laura herself, her Dream Creams Lip Palette is sooo cute. Mix and match or go from day to night….Laura says “you can undo any bad mood with a sexy lip color.” I kinda agree! Available in Apricot Berry and Berry, combining the coverage of a lipstick with the […]

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BEAUTY DEAL: Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm

Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm is a nostalgic blend of wild berry flavors with overtones of honey and vanilla and moisturized with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. This emollient lip and body balm evokes warm memories of freshly-baked pie and the simple charm of days gone by. [From Rosebud Perfume Co. Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm] Facebook […]

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Clinique Defining Liner for Lips

This product falls under the “press sent, I loved, I bought” category. Because if you’re looking for a lip pencil that matches your lip to give you a lip look that ‘s you but better? This is it. Now I’ve always been a bit of a sceptic on those that sing the praises of Mac’s […]

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