Makeup Look: Bronzer on Ice


You’re probably thinking, what? Bronzer on ice? is that a new drink? No… it’s a new way to wear your bronzer. Because if you’re like me, sometimes being pale during drab winter months can be a bit, depressing. So bronze it up. But I don’t mean apply like you just got back from a tropical […]

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HOLIDAY: ADesign Brushes

Hey, you. Over there. Gotta get a holiday present for a makeup artist friend? Well here ya go. The Makeup Artist’s dream…. From ADesign Brushes (which are amazing by the way…) this little mini set is everything a makeup dreams about. Why? It’s small, compact, and the brushes WORK. It’s great to take on set, […]

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HOLIDAY: Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Gifts

Showcasing, Victoria’s Secret, Ultimate Very Sexy Collection . Are you hyperventilating yet? I sure am! Why? It’s all on sale! Ultimate Very Sexy Collection Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Email

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BEAUTY DEAL Beauty on a Budget Pencils

Pencils used to be all the rage, remember? Line eyes, shadow over. Line lips, lipstick over. Now? Not so much. If you’re like me, you have a whole bunch of pencils hanging around with nothing to do. Or so you thought. Pencils On A Budget Budget Trick #1: Got that red, burgundy, wine lip pencil […]

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HOLIDAY: Pop Beauty Gift Finds

Smoky eyes is all the rage this palette lets you try every version of it.. from light to super dark.. (it’s only $32!) The little girl in me just went… wheee!!!! How cute! It’s called Sara’s Make-Me-Up Cabinet. A mini triple-tiered cabinet loaded with colorful shades for eyes, lips, and cheeks. I can so see […]

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