PRODUCT REVIEW: Clinique Superdefense


I gotta say. Clinique is on a ROLL. Honestly? I never was too impressed with their skincare. Too much alcohol in it’s products would dry out my skin like crazy and make it itch and in the end just leave me with little red bumps from the fragrance. Yep, my sensitive skin and Clinique were not a happy couple.
Enter Superdefense. Apply, and viola.
No feel. No stickiness. No feeling like I put on a thick layer of cream. Who wants that especially in the morning? Nope. Apply and it makes your skin feel like you put on a great primer. Super smooth and silky. Plus loving the SPF 25 as well. Put makeup on and my skin is good to go. It feels great, not slick, not greasy, just…… well, perfect.
Yep. This is my new everyday moisturizer + spf. Thank you Clinique! I think we just might have the start of a beautiful friendship after all!

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Quarterly, their beauty industry experts (yep, I”m one of them!) gets to go through a whole bunch of products and give our stamp of approval to only the best that then gets sent out to you… If you’re a member of Beautyfix, you get the whole lot for only $50 per quarter… (one of the skin creams I just tried was $90 just by itself… and it also was amazing…) Plus if you’re a member, you also get member-only deals on their latest and best beauty products.

Here’s just some of the goodies that was in the last beautyfix bag:

Natural Wonder Cream
Full Size $90


As a bonus, they included a sample of Amarté’s Natural Wonder Cream for you to try.
Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust Powder
Full size $12


A versatile powder adds shimmer to face, body and hair.
Kronos Phyx
Full size $`105


Beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning with an overnight repair mask for your hair.

PCA skin pHaze 9 Purifying Mask
Full size $56 SEE MY REVIEW HERE!



Purify and exfoliate your skin with this dermatologist favorite.
Full size $38 SEE MY REVIEW HERE!
Neutralize, Obliterate and Conceal for flawless-looking skin.

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PRODUCT FIND: Clinique Comfort On Call

If you are a skin fanatic, you might want to check out these newest…..


Relief in a world of irritants. Tested by a leading dermatologist who specializes in skin allergies on dry, sensitive and reactive skins. With the best barrier restoratives and skin comforters from nature and science to quiet reactivity, it’s a world of comfort. Make sure it’s on hand.

How To Use

Apply to face and where needed. Ideal for dry, cracked, easily irritated skins and those bothered by wind and extreme cold. Appropriate for people with eczema or sensitive skin.

Comfort on Call

PREVAGE® Body Total Transforming Anti-aging Moisturizer, 6.8 oz. / 200 ml
2008 Allure Editors’ Choice Best of Beauty Award – Best Splurge

High performance moisturizer with Idebenone, clinically proven as the most powerful antioxidant* and Tripeptide Complex zeros in on your body’s anti-aging skincare needs.
Over 85% of consumers tested observed a reduction in the look of minor scars, stretch marks and dimpled skin and 67% of consumers also saw a reduction in the appearance of age spots and discolorations.**
It’s definitely not just another moisturizer – you’ll see a difference in just six weeks: Skin looks smoother, firmer, totally transformed.
Prevage Body Total Transforming Anti-Aging Moistuizer

PINK PRODUCT REVIEW: La Mer Creme de la Mer


After trying and loving the La Mer under eye cream, I was thrilled to see this in the Pink Products collection. Now something the rest of my skin can love! The 2 oz size is again, a little goes a long way. This cream is thicker and richer than the under eye creme and you only need a tiny bit. It’s also best to apply to damp skin as it’s so rich, you’ll need the moisture for the creme to do it’s job. The scent was a little to much for my liking and the creme really is thick. But if you have super dry skin, I can see how your skin would love this. If you feel it’s too rich, apply only on a as need basis, like once a week. After applying for a week straight, my sensitive skin did not see blackheads or whiteheads which was a great relief for me. Super rich, super thick. Have you tried?

2 oz $220.00

16.5 oz $1,350.00

La Mer will donate $30,000 to the Breast Cancer Foundation Research Foundation in connection with the North American sales of Creme de la Mer.

Available at fine department stores.

PINK PRODUCT REVIEW: Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion

If you are a fan already of Clinique’s super popular Dramatically Different Lotion, you just have to get this one.

This special limited-edition bottle of this top seller comes jumbo-sized along with a jumbo pump to get every drop. The lotion leaves no feel on my skin and leaves no residue but what I really liked was the collectable Clinique/Pink Ribbon chain.


The chain is perfect to put on your purse or key chain with a super large slide on clasp that makes it easy to anchor on anything you wish.


$10 per Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion sold during the month of October will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Available at select Clinique counters nationwide.