HOLIDAY: Booty Parlour

Okay, you’re a guy, looking for a sexy gift for your new girl, but you don’t want to come across too, well, like a sexaholic. Enter Booty Parlour’s Sex Bomb Kit. Believe me, she’ll love you for it…

200811071547.jpg 200811071548.jpg

200811071547.jpg 200811071547.jpg
Looking to get a little sexy this holiday season, eh? Have you heard of Booty Parlour? It’s a very sexy kittenish line that offers well, just about everything to make you feel and look sexy. Like the Sex Bombs Kit.
Sex Bombs Kit Contents:
- Don’t Stop Solid Perfume With Pheromones
* Scented with a sensual blend of plums, raspberries, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood.
- Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer
* Pinky-gold shade warms every skin tone and leaves a sparkling “crushed-diamond” shimmer
* Smells & tastes like bubbly, fruity, pink champagne
* Portable “no spill” powderball is perfect for the purse – for “on-the-go” glow
- Get Flushed Sexy Lip And Cheek Tint
* Creamy formula blends down to give a natural rosy flush
* Delivers a stimulating, invigorating tingle – just like when you’ve been thinking naughty thoughts
* Includes a built-in mirror for flawless application.
The cute little round bottles, that yes, DO stand upright are downright adorable, and it’s funny but the round size makes it easy to find in your purse… the lip and cheek tint is a reddish see through color that happily, has a mirror in the cap! And the perfume smells delicious and the body shimmer powder is a on the pinky side but strong on sexy glitter…
This gift is sexy sexy without being embarrassing…. perfect for that new girl in your life.

HOLIDAY: Estee Lauder limited edition powder compacts


An all New Collection of Limited-Edition

If you love the idea of collecting special heirlooms to pass on from generation to generation, you may want to check out these limited edition compacts from Estee Lauder.


Golden Swirls Powder Compact


Golden Tiles Powder Compact

I personally like the tiles one!


Red Sea Powder Compact

These designs are inspired by the ocean and its riches: its hidden treasures, crystal blue water, the movement of the waves, sunlight dancing off the water’s surface, and the cobblestoned villages along its coastline. This timeless collection has textural effects etched into golden metal, finished off by dazzling CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski. Timeless!

Golden Swirls


Red Sea


Golden Tiles


HOLIDAY PRODUCT FIND: Estee Lauder Shimmering Jewel Powder

Estee Lauder already has their Holiday Collection available for purchase… (me? I keep thinking Halloween will be NEXT month..) but regardless what day or month it is.. I’ll set my gift wish list to this…

Their They’re is nothing I love more than shimmer, and though all the trends are on nothing, or matte skin, I’ll take shimmer for the holidays my dears and just ramp it up. Fronts of cheekbones (the NEW place to apply: think baby cheeks!) and across eyes, both on eyelids/bone and UNDER the eyes.. keeps the under eye darkness away….

Can’t wait…..


by Estee Lauder

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (duo)

Have you ever had a product that just so blew you away, you were literally jumping up and down like a school girl? Well, that rarely happens to me. Well, not lately anyways. Because after years of working with cosmetics, it’s fun, i love it, I heart it, but makeup is makeup. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

But every now and then, you use something that just makes you squeal like a little girl. OKAY, I admit it. I did. I actually did.

And it breaks my heart to think that while I was in New York, this little gem was waiting for me in Los Angeles. All that time…. I could have been…. sniffle.. no I won’t go there….

I present:

Mac’s Mineralize Skinfinish Duo

Oh lord, it so had me at hello. Yes, it’s been out forever, and yes it’s a shimmer powder. No my dears, this is more than just a shimmer powder. This is the magician of all shimmer powders. Did I just say I squealed? Yes. I sure did.


The duo has a 1/2 shimmer gold/silver side and a 1/2 matte powder side. Brush matte side for a matte finish, brush the shimmer side for a intense shimmer glow, (as in tops of cheeks, etc) or buff across both for a softer version of shimmer heaven. It’s 3 products in one. And the shimmer? Angel’s sang, heaven’s parted.. it is a sight to behold that yes, even jaded me at 40+ (cough cough) felt like I was 16 all over again. This stuff makes skin sheen, look buffed and polished and just radiant.

Did i mention it’s 3 products for the price of one?

I was soooo wearing this at fashion week.

MSN Beauty Tips #1

MSN posted a big ole list of beauty tips, of the likes of which I have hardly seen before. Interesting no? So I decided to actually see if I could use them and if they would work. I mean, why not? I’m all about the makeup tip and trick, and hey, if it really works? I’m so in beauty heaven.

So tip #1.

1) Powder Your Roots

If your hairline starts to look greasy, dig up a big, fluffy makeup brush, and dip it into a pot of loose powder. Tap it once on the back of your hand to remove the excess, then dust it over your roots. It mops up oil and blends into your strands, so no one will know you didn’t shower.

Yep, this actually does work, but with an exception. Blondes tend to have an easier time with this trick because the powder will blend into the hair more. Brunettes? Um, not so much. What we end up getting is fuzzy gray roots instead. Why? The beige powder mixing with the dark hair makes it look ah, gray.

Instead, try a invisible powder. They’re out there, hard to find, but boy do they work. For both face and hair.

Allison Raffaele made one of the first ones and in my opinion, the best one.


Other ones include:


Hourglass Invisible Powder

Also saw Sally Hansen’s “Pore Minimizing Invisible Powder Treatment“.


  • Revolutionary loose powder liquifies on contact to a cooling shine control treatment.
  • Mattifies skin and controls shine and oil all day.
  • Hydrates skin to restore optimal moisture balance.
  • Perfect for setting makeup, or wear alone for a smooth finish.
  • Works on all skin tones.
  • Dermatologist Tested – Hypoallergenic – Non-Comedogenic – Oil Free.

Okay, may not work on the hair tip, but hey, powder that liquifies? I so gotta try this….