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HOLIDAY: Booty Parlour

Okay, you’re a guy, looking for a sexy gift for your new girl, but you don’t want to come across too, well, like a sexaholic. Enter Booty Parlour’s Sex Bomb Kit. Believe me, she’ll love you for it…

200811071547.jpg 200811071548.jpg

200811071547.jpg 200811071547.jpg
Looking to get a little sexy this holiday season, eh? Have you heard of Booty Parlour? It’s a very sexy kittenish line that offers well, just about everything to make you feel and look sexy. Like the Sex Bombs Kit.
Sex Bombs Kit Contents:
– Don’t Stop Solid Perfume With Pheromones
* Scented with a sensual blend of plums, raspberries, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood.
– Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer
* Pinky-gold shade warms every skin tone and leaves a sparkling “crushed-diamond” shimmer
* Smells & tastes like bubbly, fruity, pink champagne
* Portable “no spill” powderball is perfect for the purse – for “on-the-go” glow
– Get Flushed Sexy Lip And Cheek Tint
* Creamy formula blends down to give a natural rosy flush
* Delivers a stimulating, invigorating tingle – just like when you’ve been thinking naughty thoughts
* Includes a built-in mirror for flawless application.
The cute little round bottles, that yes, DO stand upright are downright adorable, and it’s funny but the round size makes it easy to find in your purse… the lip and cheek tint is a reddish see through color that happily, has a mirror in the cap! And the perfume smells delicious and the body shimmer powder is a on the pinky side but strong on sexy glitter…
This gift is sexy sexy without being embarrassing…. perfect for that new girl in your life.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Purely Cosmetic Mineral Makeup

When Purely Cosmetics sent me a vast array of their samples to review for the blog, it took me awhile to get to it. Why? I was busy using my Bare Escentuals mineral makeup like pretty much every else on this planet. And now I”m kicking myself for not using this sooner. Why? it makes Bare Escentuals look like it does n o t h i n g.

To me, mineral makeup was something to throw on when I had nothing important to do. Run erands, the market, the post office, you know, stuff where you want to just throw on your face and be done with it. Swirl, tap, buff. Done. But I would never use it on important days. Like interviews, meetings, clients… why? It just never covers anything like they say it does.

Looking for a mineral makeup that covers like you wouldn’t believe? You gotta try Purely Cosmetics.

it’s the same process really. Swirl, tap, buff and viola. Your skin looks amazing and actually evens out skin tones, darkness under eyes, to the point that I really don’t need concealer.. (well, maybe a touch on those dark spots I have on my cheeks..) And the best part? Compliments galore. For days, whenever I wear it, I would get compliments on my skin. The stare down, and the ‘your skin looks really good!” comment. You gotta love that! I finally get the convenience of mineral makeup (swirl, tap, buff!) and the coverage of finally, a foundation. I gotta love that!

Another wonderful surprise? Her Cappuccino loose eye shadow. I wear this thing literally every day… lov lov lov.

I was lucky that I was able to get Robyn, the creator to answer a few questions for me in the midst of making and formulating her colors on mineral makeup tricks that even I didn’t know!

Do you have an amazing mineral makeup trick you can share?

If you want heavier coverage, lightly spritz your brush with Evian facial spray, then swirl it in the foundation and buff. Add any additional layers dry. Or to really set the makeup and let it meld together, heat your brush with a blow dryer after applying your last layer, then buff the warm hairs against your face. This will meld it all together.

But the best trick isn’t a trick. Forget the tapping out foundation into the lid of the jar. If you’re a klutz like me, you need more room to work. If you don’t want beige colored grout, go buy a stack of hamburger patty sheets from a restaurant supply store like Smart N Final. 1000 sheets are under $5. Put a sheet on your bathroom counter, tap your powder onto it, swirl – when you’re finished, just pitch the sheet. Not only does it save your counter, but it’s more sanitary as well. You never want to dip a wet brush into loose powder (or dump any damp powder back into the jar), as the water is a conduit for harboring bacteria growth.

What’s your fav product in your line?

I have a couple of favorites. I absolutely love my Silk & Pearl Powder primer. It makes your skin feel so soft, and is actually very beneficial to your skin. It will hydrate your skin while simultaneously absorbing excess oils. The ingredients contain essential amino acids, calcium, and pearl powder is an “ancient Chinese secret” for healing skin. I even use it at night before going to bed!

My other favorite product is my latest addition: the Cream to Powder Eye Shadows. A Cream to Powder product is one that is firm in it’s container, and is a semi-solid until it comes in contact with your skin – it immediately becomes a powder. That stuff stays on until you decide to take it off! I purposely designed it to be very buildable, as are all of my eye shadows. By being buildable instead of highly pigmented color right off the bat, you can control how much intensity you want.

What makes you mineral makeup so amazing?

I try to meet the needs of most any skin types. My standard line contains only the most basic ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. My skin smoothing line has silk powder and allantoin, among other things, to minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores, stimulate cell regeneration, and reflects light the most naturally to skin, making it ideal for photography as well. Each formulation contains no parabens (which have been linked to breast cancer), no preservatives, no cheap fillers to bulk up the product, and gives great, long lasting coverage.

You can also find her via:

her blog



Purely Cosmetics

PRODUCT REVIEW: Product Body Bubble Rubble

I got the chance to try and play with the super chic Product Body line’s Bubble Rubble. No, it’s not for kids even I though I KNOW you are thinking of Barnie Rubble from The Flintstones right now aren’t ya. Well, me too.

Well, I’m sure kids would love this too, but after I got this after a day of packing, moving and putting together a room full of furniture, well, let’s just say this was a gift from the gods.

Okay, now, it’s nothing to look at. It’s crumbles of well, I’m not sure what, but it looks like squishy soap. (that didn’t sound right…) but that’s what it looks like. Just take a chunk and you break it in two.. or however small or big you want… and toss it into the bath. Truly a little goes a long way.
Now get in!

Bubbles emerged immediately and voila. I was in bubble heaven. I mean super bubbles. Who knew this little thing could be such a giant in the bathtub body products world? The scent reminded me a bit of bubble gum, but the scent is listed as ‘SEXY LAUNDRY DAY’…. and it just bubbled away and stayed for what seemed forever. Pet peeve? When bubbles are gone in like 5 minutes. What was that all about? No, a bath time ritual needs at least 30 minutes right? Okay, 20.
These do not disappoint.
More Bubble Rubble please!

Bubble Rubble

PRODUCT REVIEW: Bliss Triple Oxygen Eye Mask

NEW! Like an energy drink for your eyes, this instant brightening treatment is ‘eye-deal’ for those who want to fake a full 8 hours of sleep. With 3 forms of glow-inducing oxygenation, antioxidant vitamin C and puff-pummeling cucumber extract, it’ll leave eyes looking lively in 15 minutes flat. Box of 4 unique twin-chamber packets (1-month supply).

Sounds great right?

Looks easy to use…. ah not. It says press the chamber.. so I do. I press and press, and literally pop the dickens out of this thing. Nothing. I literally have to put this thing down on a counter and using my whole body weight, (I’m not kidding) push down and then, POP> it pops. I’m literally afraid that this thing will explode right in front of me and spray everything that’s in it across my bathroom walls. Now THAT would have been funny.
So pop, open, peel out the little squishy gauzy eye pads…. only problem is that there’s WAY too much liquid in there.. so much, it’s running down my sink from the pad itself, not to mention all the excess left over in the package.
So I squeeze almost the whole excess out of the pad… and then lie back, (I’m exhausted by now…I really need to lie down..) and lay under my eyes.. and relax.
The best part was the relaxing….
The results?
Skin is softer, but that’s it.
Dang, I could have gotten the same results just putting on some of my fav eye moisturizer.
Not worth the $54 you think?

Bliss Energizing Eye Mask


PRODUCT REVIEW: Clinique Superdefense


I gotta say. Clinique is on a ROLL. Honestly? I never was too impressed with their skincare. Too much alcohol in it’s products would dry out my skin like crazy and make it itch and in the end just leave me with little red bumps from the fragrance. Yep, my sensitive skin and Clinique were not a happy couple.
Enter Superdefense. Apply, and viola.
No feel. No stickiness. No feeling like I put on a thick layer of cream. Who wants that especially in the morning? Nope. Apply and it makes your skin feel like you put on a great primer. Super smooth and silky. Plus loving the SPF 25 as well. Put makeup on and my skin is good to go. It feels great, not slick, not greasy, just…… well, perfect.
Yep. This is my new everyday moisturizer + spf. Thank you Clinique! I think we just might have the start of a beautiful friendship after all!