If you are a beauty poduct junkie (ok, who isn’t?), you just gotta run over to Why? it’s a chance to get the latest and greatest in products, but without spending a fortune. And no, I’m not talking measly little samples or packets…. I’m talking full sized products here.

Quarterly, their beauty industry experts (yep, I”m one of them!) gets to go through a whole bunch of products and give our stamp of approval to only the best that then gets sent out to you… If you’re a member of Beautyfix, you get the whole lot for only $50 per quarter… (one of the skin creams I just tried was $90 just by itself… and it also was amazing…) Plus if you’re a member, you also get member-only deals on their latest and best beauty products.

Here’s just some of the goodies that was in the last beautyfix bag:

Natural Wonder Cream
Full Size $90


As a bonus, they included a sample of Amarté’s Natural Wonder Cream for you to try.
Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust Powder
Full size $12


A versatile powder adds shimmer to face, body and hair.
Kronos Phyx
Full size $`105


Beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning with an overnight repair mask for your hair.

PCA skin pHaze 9 Purifying Mask
Full size $56 SEE MY REVIEW HERE!



Purify and exfoliate your skin with this dermatologist favorite.
Full size $38 SEE MY REVIEW HERE!
Neutralize, Obliterate and Conceal for flawless-looking skin.

Wanna get? Join up at Beauty Fix for the next offering!

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MAC’s Originals Collection

MAC originally relaunched their past favs and most wanted shades that have been discontinued and made it a new collection.

Going through the shades.. I noticed that almost all of them were the “almost everyone can wear” shades (besides the Pigments of course) that had come back. Which makes me think, hmmm. Was MAC too quick to erase them from their line in the first place?

Who’s to say that neutrals and simple colors can’t continue in a line? Well thanks to MAC’s originals, they brought them back. If you’re looking to add to your collection, I recommend these colors from the collection for yourself or your makeup kit if you’re a makeup artist. They work on almost everyone….

MAC Glitter in Reflects Antique Gold

A gold with a touch of olive and khaki in it that’s gorgeous. Perfect for brown eyed and hazel eyed girls.

MAC Eye Shadow in Clue

A perfect soft shimmer taupe gray to add to your collection. Great for fall/winter.

MAC Eye Shadow in Ochre Style

A warm deep gold that has a soft shimmer to it. All eye colors can pull this one off for an evening look. Looks more yellow in the container, but on, it’s much deeper, more antique gold and gorg.

MAC Eye Shadow in A Little Folie

A deep rich burgundy that is just perfect. Most have too much red in them to look good, unless you like looking hung over. This one is a super deep, rich shade that touches more on the side of a rusty chardonnay. Beautiful.

MAC Eye Shadow in Alum

A perfect smoky eye look. The perfect gray to add for a pm look. It’s very blue gray, but with a touch of silver shimmer in it that keeps it from looking too blue. This would be gorgeous on blue eyes…. (darn, I wish I had blue eyes…)

MAC Mascara X

Another aha moment was in trying their X Mascara. If you’re looking for thick lashes, this is it. You know those false lashes that are super black/thick at the base of the lashes and go much thinner towards the ends? Yep, this mascara will do that. They do make them longer but the emphasis is definitely on thicker.

Also too, out of curiosity. I wonder why there were no blushes added to this collection?Hmmmm.

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