HOW TO: Spring Makeup Trend #3: The colored eye

The BEST Beauty Trends Spring Fashion Week:

Spring Makeup Trend #3
The colored eye.

Finally some color found it’s way into the spring runway looks. And the two biggest colors? Golds and bronzes and lavendar and lilacs. Two totally different looks. Now usually, I’d say blondes get the lilac version and brunettes get the golds and bronzes, but in this case, it’s everyone can play. It’s just a matter of what you like better. Lilacs and lavender’s look best on lighter skin, and brings a crisp cool feel to your look. The golds and bronzes bring out a summer tan waiting to happen and looks good on all skin tones….. with a new twist on how to wear it though.

The How To’s
Bronzes and Coppers

Literally, this bronzy golden look is the same colors used throughout the whole face. Eyes, cheeks and lips. No longer are we just slapping on bronzer over our regular makeup look. Nope, this season it’s about making the whole face bronzed.

The eyes always will get the stronger of the look, with a darker feel on the eyelids blended up to the eyebrows.
Want more? Apply under the eyes as well. Throw on mascara. Pencil if you want. Your eyes are done. But the trick is to use actual bronzer on your eyes.

Start by applying a bronzer darker than you think, like

CARGO Bronzer Dark
on cheeks, tops of forehead and on the eyelids…

Want a more matte version? Try the CARGO Bronzer Medium in Matte.

Okay, want a little more color? Am loving this palette:

Dior Bronze Sunshine Blush Sunrise Party 001

Then complete your look with a bronzy lip, using
Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick Bronze Bombshell 420, or

Lancome JUICY TUBES SMOOTHIE – Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss Sun Bronze.

Want to make this look a nighttime version? Just apply a dark brown or black pencil around the lashes, top and bottom, smudge, up that shiny golden lip gloss and you’re ready to go…..

The Violet Eye
How To’s

But my most favorite look? (and yes, I think I saved the best for last) is the new violet/lilac eye… lov. No, not every runway was doing this, but this was such a breath of fresh air that I just had to share. And if you’re a brown eyed girl? You’re so going to love this.

This palette is so perfect, I can’t stand it,.

DuWop Violet Eyes

Even the Pop Beauty Eye Cake in Violet Eyes will work.

You can go as dramatic or as soft as you want. The new violet? Is more of an icy violet.. on the light side. And applied all the way to the eyebrows….. want a little more color? Think of a color wash of lavender across the eye lids and underneath the bottom lashes.

The trick: it’s in the brush. The softer and fluffier and the bigger the eye shadow brush the better. Color goes on lighter, softer and almost airbrushed on in feel. That’s the look you want.


Bare Escentuals Eye Defining Brush

Bare Escentuals Full Tapered Shadow Brush

Trick: Apply the shadow near the lashes first and then blend up to the crease. Need more? Apply again to the lash line and then blend up every time. You’ll get a airbrushed blend of color going from darker near the lashes to the lighter near the crease without streaking or splotching.

Feeling a bit shy? Just try a lavender pencil lined around the lashes.

Sephora Brand Jumbo Pencil – Eye Violet 505Y

or even

Stila Convertible Eye Color Violet

Pair with black mascara, top and bottom and you just updated your look.

HOW TO: Spring Makeup Trend #2: The Bold Eyebrow

The BEST Beauty Trends Spring Fashion Week:

Spring Makeup Trend #1
The strong eyebrow.

Yep, the strong eyebrow is still going strong. Even for the fall collections, the eyebrow was getting thicker and darker. But that’s the runway. Here in the real world, we’ll keep it more wearable looking, ok?

Now if you’re new to the strong eyebrow look, it can be a bit daunting. Just go slow… it just might grow on you.

The How To’s

First of all, look at the eyebrows you’ve got. Going from a light blonde eyebrow to a dark brown is not the trend. Going a few shades darker than YOUR eyebrow shade is. The trick is to use a shadow, not a pencil. Take a eyebrow shadow or a regular eye shadow color that looks exactly your like your eyebrow hair color. Trick: The shadow will always look darker on.

Anastasia Brow Filler Blonde/Brunette
What it is:A spring loaded powder tipped sponge duo for eyebrows.What it does:The unique powder formula is designed to be slightly damp so that it can adhere to the skin, versus brow hair allowing one to build color only where it is needed.What else you need to know:Brow Filler offers blonde on one end and brunette on the other, allowing you to use one side or blend both shades for a customized color match.

Draw your shadow on with a soft, super thin angle brush.

Anastasia Small Brow Shader 23

Draw your shadow line at the bottom line or edge of your eyebrow and then blend up into the brow. Then with a clean eyebrow brush, brush through so the shadow blends into your skin, looking more natural.

Sephora Brand Professionnel Platinum Lash & Eyebrow Comb #21 Professional Lash & Eyebrow Comb

Too afraid of going too dark or looking too severe? You can fake it a bit by applying a colored mascara instead. Dark eyebrows have it easy, by being able to use a regular black mascara, but lighter eyebrows can try the new eyebrow gel by Anastasia.

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel Espresso

Makes brows look a little thicker and darker, without looking too fake.

The key to making this trend work is keeping the rest of the face clear of color and making the brows the focal point of the whole look. Keep the rest of your makeup in nude tones to make a strong statement.. like a Bare Escentuals Wearable Lip Kit ($40 Value) Wearable Nude

or a Korres Cherry Full Color Gloss Nude 33, or

Guerlain KissKiss Maxi Shine Sheer Colours Volume Effect Nude Shine 644

Pair with a nude shadow:

LORAC Eye Shadow Nude

Stila Eye Shadow Pan Nude (refill)