Pro Benefits


For the Beauty & Makeup Professional: 30% Discount
A professional portfolio website or link to body of work must be submitted upon application.

For the Beauty & Makeup Student: 40% Discount
A copy of your Student Makeup/Beauty School ID card must be emailed to must be emailed upon completion of submitting application.

  • Free Offers

Get special offers, free products and special member only contests.

  • Membership Product Feedback

Get exclusive invitations to test new products before they are launched.

  • Exclusive Product Premieres

Get exclusive first looks and previews of seasonal product launches and pre-order new products before they are officially launched.

  • Exclusive Brow Collection Kit

Purchase an exclusive Brow PRO kit filled with all your PRO essentials. Coming Soon.

  • Complimentary Shipping

When placing an order online we offer complimentary shipping on all purchases over $100.

  • Pro Seminars & Workshops

Pro Classes offer makeup professionals & students the opportunity to participate in classes & events designed to teach the latest in brow trends, brow products, makeup and techniques.


Product purchased by  PRO Members using the discount benefit are for the member’s’ personal and professional use only and may not be resold. Items purchased with the PRO discount are final sale.

Membership and privileges associated with it may only be used by the individual to whom the membership is issued.

As a member of the PRO Program, you may receive communication regarding the our PRO Program, products, classes, events and/or your membership via our registered members only blog and website.

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