InStyle Magazine Honors Us With…

 InStyle Magazine Honors Us With...

Have you seen? InStyle Magazine’s Black Book Directory honors us with a top mention as one of the best places in New York for brows:

We’re very honored!

Beauty Blackbook New York Providence Beauty Black Book Beauty InStyle 290x290 InStyle Magazine Honors Us With...

New York-Providence
NEW! 2011 PICK
New York City: Brows
Elke Von Freudenberg Salon
1140 Broadway, Suite 906
Price: $65-$45
InStyle Deal: $52-$36
Aesthetician Elke Von Freudenberg has a wide, loft-like space for clients to consider services like hair removal. But her brow services left us loyal: She tweezes (or waxes, depending on preference) so they remain full, yet well-shaped – the perfect frames for our eyes. What’s more, the silhouette seemed to last weeks, making it easy for us to maintain them ourselves in the days to follow.

With Love To My Father.

asian ladybug With Love To My Father.It’s with a broken heart that I share that I have lost my best friend and my beloved Father.  I never dreamed that the day would come that I would have to let my father go.  He is survived by my older sister, and his cherished wife of 57 years.

I will always hear his voice in my heart, and hear his cheerful “Hello Pumpkin” that I heard every night as I called him from New York to share my day and to ask his advice.  He was my biggest supporter for my career and my biggest fan.  I will miss him with all my heart and soul, and I pray that he knows that we will go on in his memory and that we will love and cherish him forever.

I love you Daddy.

I will miss you terribly.

Love, your Pumpkin.

How To Book Tips: How Long to Wait?

How Long To Wait

I’m always amazed at how long most clients wait before coming in to see me for a brow shaping. Especially if it’s for the first time. And I don’t mean days.. I mean months. Longest I’ve heard? Six months.

Depending on how fast your brows grow, I would say anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks is a good time frame.  Yes, I can do more when there’s more hair, but keep in mind, that the longer the wait, the more hair that needs to be tweezed in places where it’s not even needed (i.e. between the brows, above, or far below the brow line).. so it only means that you’re walking around with iffy brows that much longer.

So don’t feel you need to grow in your eyebrows for 2-3 months before you make that appointment.  2-3 weeks is usually enough to reshape or fix a brow. If you’re looking to to grow very thin eyebrows thicker, then give it a month.

200904121722 How To Book Tips: How Long to Wait?

photo: estee lauder

Brow Tip: It’s only the hairs that are closest to the brow line that are going to actually change to resize the brow.  Everything else will most likely get tweezed/waxed away.

The Model Eyebrow™ Service offers a precise eyebrow shaping every time with tweezing. With a bi-coastal clientele, Elke travels to Los Angeles and New York  to maintain her private celebrity and model clientele’s eyebrows. And with rave reviews already on and, people have come in as far as San Francisco, Singapore, Chicago, and Connecticut get Elke’s Signature Service.


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