A New Way To Do Brows


gradientbrow Eyebrows are not the same solid color going through the brow. Brows are naturally darker from the beginning of the brow to the arch, and then lighter from the arch towards the ends. Usually the appearance of a darker brow in the front is only because the hairs are thicker and there are more of them so it looks darker. For an instant thicker brow look, try switching around your brow color placement. For those with thinner ends and a lighter brow look, the normal method is to apply one shade going through the whole brow. But because the brows are naturally thicker/darker in the fronts, you’ll just get a darker version of the same thing. A darker looking brow going lighter towards the ends.
Instead, have two brow colors handy. One that closely matches your brow color and one that is darker. First take a matching brow pencil or shadow (pencil is more precise, fills in sparse areas better, shadows are softer) and go through areas that need filling in from the beginning towards the arch.

elke : ash brown day brow shadow elke : dark brunette day brow shadow
Ash Brown Day Brow Dark Brunette Day Brow

Then take your darker color and apply in the sparse areas going from the arch towards the ends.  By using a darker color there, you amp up the depth of the brow and make the brows appear fuller and thicker throughout the entire brow. For example: try using our Ash Brown Day Brown Shadow going for the beginning to arch, and the Dark Brunette Day Brow Shadow going from the arch down.