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If you’re not sure what qualifies as a stray, use New York City brow expert Elke Von Freudenberg’s rule of thumb: “To keep brows as full as possible, only tweeze hairs that are not touching the main brow in any way,” she says.


Stick to a Schedule Resist the urge to pluck emerging hairs constantly, and instead commit to a regular “clean up” session that depends on your personal rate of growth. For example, it could be weekly, biweekly or even monthly. And don’t over-tweeze in an attempt to get brows to come back in at the same rate. “Note that brow hairs all grow in different cycles—sometimes when you pull a hair, the next cycle still has to start because the hair was from a previous cycle,” says Von Freudenberg.


Darken Brows if You Have Light Hair If you have fair-colored brows that grow in even lighter—a common occurrence for natural blondes and redheads—your brows can look skimpier than they actually are. Try a tinted brow mascara, or consider a professional brow tint at the salon as a longer-lasting way to make brows appear fuller, says Von Freudenberg.


Brush Your Brows If your brows are thinning, the popular old wives’ tale of growing hair with 100 strokes at bedtime can actually apply here. “I’ve seen great results from clients who ritually brush brows at night, to the extent that I created Brow Scrub,” says Von Freudenberg.

elke™ : brow scrubUsing an old toothbrush, brush your brows for at least a minute above, through and below the brow. “If there is a root, the stimulation causes the hairs to grow, much like brushing your hair on your head. Clients see results in as little as two weeks,” adds Von Freudenberg. Follow them: @youbeauty on Twitter