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Send Your Brows to Rehab with the Elke Brow Collection Beauty Junkies Unite

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I’m not afraid to leave home sans makeup, but there are two things I am absolutely OCD about: clean brows, and clean, healthy-looking nails. Those two things are pretty non-negotiable for me. I don’t know why it’s those two things, but it just is! Many years ago, some crazy esthetician whacked off the tails of my eyebrows, and my brows haven’t been the same since. I’ve spent years treating them with TLC, with the hopes of making them look fuller than they really are, but I haven’t been 100% successful. I know this situation sounds familiar to so many of you. About six weeks ago, I had a brow experience that nearly sent me into a tizzy. I realize it’s not the end of world, but my regular threader wasn’t in because she’s on vacation for a few weeks (you know I can’t wait that long!), so I reluctantly sat in another gal’s chair. That was my first mistake. A few minutes later, I looked in the mirror, and my stomach nearly dropped. She got a little too happy with the thread like it was a weed whacker. I politely tipped and got out of there, but I was so bummed. You’re thinking—Amber, it’s hair—it will grow back. I assure you, it’s a struggle to get my sparse little hairs to reappear. I left there knowing I had to rehab my brows all over again, and I have been ever since. Great.

elke brow scrub

I turned to celebrity brow guru, Elke Von Freudenberg for help to make this process a little less daunting. Elke has her own line of products for a little brow boot camp, to fill them in, and tame those bad boys. The Elke Brow Collection has been a God-send for me in my personal situation. The patron saint of this collection, is Elke’s special Brow Scrub ($21). I never really thought of this method before, but it makes total sense—not only are you stimulating the hair follicles by removing dead skin, you’re using natural ingredients like neem and coconut oils to condition and baby them. Just let Brow Scrub work its magic by gently exfoliating the brow area nightly for 2-3 weeks. I’ve been using it for eight days, and I can tell you that the tails that got whacked off have grown in faster, fuller, and less coarse than usual. Amen for the Brow Scrub, it’s like Miracle Grow.

elke clear brow mascara Also in Elke’s Brow Collection, you’ll find an array of brow groomers, powders for filling in (there’s even a night brow powder collection that has a little sexy shimmer!), brow bone highlight colors, pencils, and tools and brushes to create the perfect set of brows. I’ve been using her Day Brow powder in ash brown, and her Hi-Lights shadow in Glowstick for the optical illusion of a higher arch. Then, I set them with her Brow Ware clear brow mascara to tame those babies. So far, so good! elke brow powder hi lights eyes before after Not exactly perfect, but a major improvement! I’m still in the process of rehab-ing, but Elke’s Brow Collection is making the process a little less painful. If you’re in New York, you’re a lucky girl—Elke can personally help you get your brows back in shape when you schedule an appointment to see her at her namesake salon, for her signature Model Brow service. Insist on doing your brows yourself? Elke spills the 5 brow shapes NOT to do. P.S. I found a new brow salon! Elke Von Freudenberg Salon 1140 Broadway #906 New York, NY 10001 (917) 475-6845