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“As I watched my friends, via Social Media, get on board the ZEPHYR Yacht….I knew I would still cover the event even if I wasn’t physically on board! I saw these great gloves that protect your hands from UVA/UVB lights that especially struck a chord with me as I know many friends ask about skin cancer or their aging hands and the correlation of the light systems in a lot of nail salons.

Just a few days ago, a very special and unique press event took place late afternoon on the Hudson River. Cruising with the Zephyr Yacht from the fleet of New York Water Taxi, 150 beauty editors had a chance to take in magnificent views of Manhattan, enjoy cocktails and the company of brands to network with.
Gabriele Fuchs, CEO and Founder of the international PR Network welcomed the idea saying “To celebrate our 5th anniversary of beautypress in the US, we wanted to celebrate in a unique location and offer the opportunity for brands, press and retailers to enhance or refresh existing contacts in the cosmetic cosmos. Partnering with the Zephyr seemed like the perfect way to do this.” 

Cruising the Hudson with fantastic water views of the city and of the Statue of Liberty, the breezy and open atmosphere set the scene for a truly unique networking event. 7 exclusive brands displayed their latest launches to editors of top magazines, online media, freelancers and beauty bloggers. For the first time a handful of selected retailers were welcomed on board to discover new brands and concepts of products that are ready to hit the shelves.“……




Exhibitors included:

Elke Von Freudenberg (@ElkeVonF)

NYC Celebrity Eyebrow Specialist decided to take a natural route to brow growth with her trio of products-the Brow Scrub, Brow Serum, Brow Smooth.

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