Elke’s Top Five Favs

I always get asked what my top 5 favorite products are that I have. While it’s hard to narrow it down to just 5, I picked the ones that truly mean the most to me. Read on to see why.


elke : brow scrub

1. My Brow Scrub

The first of it’s kind, this truly has a special place in my heart. Not because I’ve seen great results from clients that have used it, but because it was truly a product that I realized I had a secret figured out. How to get brows to grow fast, with a super cool concept. Brows grow the way hair grows because of circulation.

Hence, the Brow Scrub.

elke : brow glow

2. My Brow Glow

I’m truly in love with my Brow Glow.

A super easy way to create a beautiful brow lift that’s easy to apply, sexy and makes brows fun again.

Just apply along the tops of the brows to create a beautiful sheen that lifts and highlights the brows.


3. My Spoolie Brush

elke : spoolie brow mascara brush

I use this brush on EVERYONE. Why? It just makes your brows look super natural, real and perfectly blended. You blend your foundation and blush right? So why not your brows?

Just brush through after you’ve applied your brow pencil or brow shadow and viola. Perfectly natural looking brows.

No more Grandma brows here.

4.  Clear Brow Tamer

elke : brow tamer wax

With the trend still being thick, bold brows, the Brow Tamer is the way to do it. How? Just apply with a Spoolie Brush, the Clear Brow Tamer through the brow. Then pick up with our Multi Task Brow Brush or Slant Brow Brush your Brow Shadow. Brush thin hairlike strokes through the brow. The color will go on the skin, looking like hairs, while also putting on product directly on the brow hairs to make them look fuller, thicker, darker. Instant bold brows that look natural.

elke : NIght Brow

5. Night Brow Shadow

Think fun, think different. Think sexy nighttime look. It’s easy with the Night Brow Shadow. Just pick the corresponding color for you brows and apply just as you would any brow shadow.

Instant shimmering, nighttime brows.

Very fashionable, don’t you think?