Invisible Duo Fixx Lip & Brow Liner Wax Pencil

duofixx_invisibleDuo Fixx Lip & Brow Liner

Invisible Duo Fixx Lip & Brow Liner Wax

One of the most fun products we’ve been able to introduce is our Invisible Lip & Brow Liner Wax Pencil. What makes it fun is it’s versatility. Here are a few of my favorite tricks to using this pencil that you just gotta try.




  1. Apply through brow hairs in the direction of growth before your brow makeup. Then apply your brow powder with an angle brush and you’ll notice your brow color going on stronger, sharper and in definite line strokes on the skin. By applying the brow color after the wax, you’ll get a more defined brow.
  2. Need a waterproof brow? Apply your brow color (powder or pencil) on first, then raw on the brow wax pencil after to create a waterproof seal over the color. Make sure to draw the pencil onto the skin where the colored brow makeup actual is.
  3. Have a  strong lip color to wear? Line the lip line with our Duo Fixx first to keep your lip color from bleeding and feathering.


  • For Lips:
  • Stops lipstick or lipgloss from feathering or bleeding.
  • Totally invisible and colorless.
  • Long wear and waterproof.
  • Apply before lipstick or lipgloss.

elke™ : spoolie brush

  • For Brows
  • Apply through brows for a perfect brow wax application.
  • Apply just where needed or through the whole brow
  • Can be applied either before or after any brow shadow or pencil
  • Easy application via pencil. Just apply on brow hairs, and then blend through if needed with our spoolie brush.