The Right Product for Thicker Looking Brows

Tired of waiting for your brows to grow in? You can make it easier. Really. It’s all about using the right product. And luckily, now there’s more to choose from than just a brow pencil. So there’s no excuse.


GROWTH: GET IT STARTED To get brow growth, you need to get pro-active. How? Start using a brow serum. Brow serums get brow hairs growing faster, which equals faster results. So don’t wait.


ELKE’S TIPS: Apply your brow serum day and night, for extra fast results. And yes, you can apply underneath your brow makeup. Our brow serum takes 3 weeks of daily use to start seeing results.  browserum

FILL IN BROWS WITH BROW PENCIL  While you’re waiting for those hairs to grow in those sparser places, get brows looking better quick, with a few swipes of a brow pencil.


ELKE’S TIPS: ONLY apply brow pencil where needed. Keeps it looking more like natural full brows, not crazy overdrawn grandma brows. For easy placement, apply pencil strokes in the direction that the hair is growing. Brows growing sideways or down? Apply pencil in the same direction. Blend with a spoolie brush to soften, look more natural. Remember: crazy grandma brows are out.


DARKER BROWS BY SHADOW Do your brows need a little boost in the color department overall? If your brows are lighter, invest in a good brow powder. Brow powders are softer and are great for making brows look thicker and darker without looking overboard. Apply throughout the entire brow to get your brows looking bold and thick, or just where needed to make your brows look more even.


ELKE’S TIPS: Choose a color that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your brow shade, for a more natural look. Brow shadows always look darker on because you’re putting a color on IN another (brow) color….  Went too dark? Use a spoolie brush to brush through and soften. The more you brush, the softer the look. Want it all off? Keep brushing until it’s all gone, then just reapply. No need to completely remove with cleanser. Easy!