Winter Beauty Tips & Tricks : The Ultimate Matte Red Lip

One of the hottest makeup trends this winter? The Ultimate Matte Red Lip. Check out this Makeup trend from the NY Fashion Week Shows. This Winter season runway makeup was more wearable & glamorous. See how you can replicate the trend with my Holiday & Brow Makeup Collection. elke

Winter Trend:

  • Red Lips

How To:

While red lips this fall/winter is about everything red, the one that stood out the most was the new Matte Red Lip.

elke : Ultimate Matte Lipstick in Ruby Ruby

Ruby Ruby Ultimate Matte Lipstick : elke

Remember when matte lipstick made your lips feel dried out and old? No fear. The newest matte is softer and not as harsh looking. Try our Ultimate Matte Ruby Ruby Red lipstick.. a beautiful matte red that looks like velvet on and stays on for hours.

To keep red lips looking fresh, try my tips & tricks:

1. Apply your lipstick first from the tube inside the lip, and then blend and outline your lip with a lip brush. Blend to the lip line and blot. A lot less lipstick will bleed because you’ve applied less to the lip line area.

2. Don’t use a red lip liner. Reds come in all different shades and versions, so avoid clashing your reds. Try a neutral blonde or taupe eyebrow pencil to line the lips. Since it’s neutral, it will blend into your natural lip color and avoid clashing colors with your lipstick, all while still giving you the staying power of a lip pencil to keep everything in place.

3. Like lip stains? So do I. Keeps the color on longer and you can create your own lip stain to apply under your lipstick. So if your lipstick wears off a bit, you’d never know it. And lip stains wear better than lip pencils.. Just make a paste out of cherry Kool-aid powder and water and apply to the lips with a q-tip or a clean lip brush. Then apply your lipstick. The Kool-aid stain will stain your lips, while your lipstick wears throughout the evening.

4. Create your own custom red lip by mixing two different red lipsticks together. Or apply a pretty red blush to the lips and apply your red lipstick on stop. A customized shade just for you.

5. Don’t think your red lipstick is stuck to one trend. Apply lightly and blot off with tissue to create a stain. Put lip balm on first to create a sheen red. Apply glitter to the top of lipstick for a holiday look. Put your favorite gloss over to create a shiny red.

elke : invisible blotting face powder

6. Instead of lip liner, have you tried powder? Use a makeup sponge and your invisible blotting face powder. Apply a line of powder around the lip above the lip line, and blend out towards your skin, not your lip. This creates the same clean line of a concealer without the smearing as well as keeping your lipstick on longer.

7. Make it last. Try a lip primer to limit touch ups and help it last all day. It really does make a difference.

eye and lip primer

elke : eye & lip primer