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raffaella rubenstein Eyebrow Salon

i had never had my eyebrows done before in any way shape or form and elke did an amazing job! she was very conservative about shaping my brows and was careful to not over pluck them, and was able to work around my uneven and patchy eyebrows making them look full and defined. i will definitely return to her salon!

Mary E. Eyebrow Salon

After years of overplucking and then years of unsuccessfully trying to grow my brows back, I had basically given up on my brows. I had patches that wouldn't grow in, my brows were super uneven, and I had basically no arches. I tried Elke's services in anticipation of my wedding and Elke has helped me grow my brows back and make them look more even in just a few months! I'm so thankful.

Also, my skin is super sensitive and I used to react very badly to waxing and sugaring sessions with extreme redness and bumps for several days. I have almost no reaction to my plucking sessions with Elke. So glad I found her!

Maria Devitt Eyebrow Salon

Elke is a wizard and an expert at discovering eyebrows that you didn't know were even there! Under her advice and products, my left brow grew back (after 20 years of it not) and I love the brow tint product for blondes--actually gives me some oomph without it being too severe! And she's one of the sweetest, funniest, good humored people I've ever met. I feel so lucky to live in NYC and have access to her!

Zuzanna L. Eyebrow Salon

PHENOMENAL!! I don't know what else to say other than the fact that Elke really has an eye for eyebrows and her hands are magical. I came in unhappy with the overall shape of my brows and told her everything I was unhappy with and she was so attentive and lovely to talk to. She made me feel super comfortable while working absolute magic on my brows. She made sure to check in with me every few minutes to make sure I liked them and I would just nitpick what I wanted fixed and she was more than happy to help. She was super attentive and thorough and made sure I was satisfied. I was coming from NJ so I was praying to have a good expeirence and she gave me a GREAT experience. Will definitely be coming back and I 10/10 recommend Elke.

Anonymous Eyebrow Salon

I visited Elke last week for a full brow shaping and I am so happy with the results. Elke is so friendly and took the time to answer all of my questions thoughtfully. Will definitely be returning!

Eyebrow Salon

Excellent service and very professional. I definitely would recommend her to my friends and family.

Maria Devitt Eyebrow Salon

Elke is a wizard and an expert at discovering eyebrows that you didn't know were even there! Under her advice and products, my left brow grew back (after 20 years of it not) and I love the brow tint product for blondes--actually gives me some oomph without it being too severe! And she's one of the sweetest, funniest, good humored people I've ever met. I feel so lucky to live in NYC and have access to her!

Kaitlin Kapur Elke Von Freudenberg Salon

Visited Elke’s for the first time and left with my brows looking better than they ever have, 3 people complimented me on them within an hour. Elke herself is lovely and kind, could not recommend any more highly. 🙂

Valerie Herman Salon

Elke's service is an amazing investment. About a year and a half ago, I decided to get off the eyebrow threading train I had been on for 2 decades. Even with the same person, my results were always inconsistent and only looked good for about a week after I went. So, I spent a few months growing my eyebrows out and made an appointment with Elke. First, Elke is such a nice woman. Very warm and personable. The location is great, and the salon is big and open. It was definitely more expensive than my $12 threading. BUT in the long run, I know I will have saved so much money.

Here's why: Elke showed me what had been going wrong with my eyebrows. I never saw it before, but they were NOT symmetrical. I was walking around with 2 completely (but subtly) different eyebrows. And it seemed they were always out of place. Then, she showed my WHY this had happened based on the entire threading process. Then she told me her plan for my eyebrows, and how it would eliminate my current issues.

All in all, I had about 4 or 5 sessions with Elke. Then, Covid hit and I had to leave NYC for a few months. I'm still not back (tearing up...) But I still have my tweezers. And since I have a plan for my eyebrows, I know where to pluck now. And where to trim. I haven't been back in almost a year. Or to anyone but myself. But my eyebrows have never looked better. Even my husband noticed it. (WIN) If I was in NYC, I would definitely go back, but for now, I'll rely on what Elke taught me and hope for the best. Thanks ELKE! Highly recommend 🙂

Amanda D. Eyebrow Salon

Been going here for years. I LOVE Elke. She is professional, and keeps my brows looking great. Excited they are reopening post .

Rita Santos Eyebrow Salon

Elke, the owner of the salon, couldn’t be lovelier! She was very attentive to detail and she did my eyebrows exactly the way I requested. I asked for her to be extra conservative as this was my first time getting my eyebrows worked on. I requested the lamination, shaping and tint. After I waited the required 48 hours for the treatment to settle, I decided that I wanted to go a little darker with the tint. Elke, a professional who values customer satisfaction, was super accommodating and eager to please. I went back at a time that was “convenient for me” and she re-tinted my brows at no cost. All in all, the experience was wonderful! My brows look natural and lush. The salon is clean and spacious and COVID precautions are put in place to guarantee to safety of the customer during their service.

Anonymous Eyebrow Salon

I will never let anyone other than Elke touch my eyebrows ever again…she is a true artist!

Anonymous Eyebrow Salon

Elke really took time to understand my needs and desired shape of my brows. She used tweezers to reshape, but it did not hurt at all. Overall, I am happy with her skills. It will take me a couple of sessions with her to get my brows in perfect shape.

Carol A. Eyebrow Salon

I think Elke is great. I went to another famous brow person once or twice years ago when she was just starting out herself, and then returned years later with overtweezed brows, only to find she had developed a very high-maintenance racket that involved a lot of scolding, frequent maintenance visits and the sense that I could never do anything right. After a few visits I decided to try Elke instead, and discovered the eyebrow charmer of my dreams. My brows looked fantastic after the first session and with her help they grew back miraculously quickly. I actually had to persuade her to sell me her products. She's very low-key, she's always pleasant, she gives plenty of tips, and she doesn't expect me to spend more on her than I do on my hairdresser. What's not to like?

Tara Eyebrow Salon

What an incredible experience! Elke was so kind and professional ... and I couldn't be happier with my brows! I've been looking for the right person to do my brows and Elke surpassed my expectations. Looking forward to my next appointment!

anonymous Eyebrow Salon

My eyebrows are amazing now thanks to Elke!

Anonymous Eyebrow Salon

She was amazing ! I was really nervous because I had never been and didn’t really know what to expect but she was so welcoming and sweet. She explained what we needed to work on and gave me some great tips on how to get my eyebrows back to the way they were. I left really happy with the results of my eyebrows. They were uneven and she evened them out with little effort. They look amazing and in turn I feel amazing!

Anonymous Eyebrow Salon

Elke is a total pro and really knows good eyebrows. I was nervous as I have been putting off doing something 'proper' with my eyebrows for ages. Thank you!

anonymous Eyebrow Salon

love my new improved eyebrows!!

Harmony P Eyebrow Salon

Elke is amazing! I've been looking for a place to have my eyebrows professionally done for some time now. My biggest regret was not taking a clear "before" picture because the difference was shocking to me. My face looks more balanced and my eyes stand out more.

She is professional, precise, and friendly. She took time to get to know me and gave some pointers on growing my eyebrows out (they were very thin several years ago and have been slow to grow back).
The plucking was not painful at all and she kept me relaxed the whole time. I would definitely recommend her and plan to keep going back!

Laura C Eyebrow Salon

F-ck yeah! This was my first time visiting Elke's salon, a lovely, modern studio on the 9th floor of 1140 Broadway. Elke was very warm and welcoming, and took the time to explain her process/philosophy. I had a brow shaping, brow tint and eyelash tint, and all I can say is what I said when I looked in the mirror: wow. What a difference a professional shaping makes, as well as a light tint.

Elke started off using a shade not much darker than my own. explaining that you can always put more on, but you can't take it off if you go too dark! I appreciated her approach, and she always emphasized that we could do whatever I wanted, go darker, etc. depending on how I felt. She got it on the first try, and with the tint and a natural shape, she achieved exactly what I wanted.

Anonymous Eyebrow Salon

Elke = magic.

Anonymous Eyebrow Salon

Thank you. The brows look great.

Elke is Fantastic Eyebrow Salon

Elke is fantastic and has done a fabulous job shaping my eyebrows. I would recommend her to any of my friends!

Attentive & Patient Eyebrow Salon

Elke was attentive and very patient. She listened to exactly what I wanted. My eyebrows look perfect and I will absolutely go back ! Her staff also made booking an appointment a breeze

Terrific! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is terrific, and does a great job with my brows!!

Perfection Eyebrow Salon

Elke is an eyebrow genius. You won't regret a penny spent on her services. If you grow your brows out and let her shape them, it's like getting a face lift. If you have brow issues-just go.

Natural Tinting! Eyebrow Salon

Elke's work is delicate and subtle--if she dyes your eyebrows and eyelashes, you don't emerge looking like a clown--the effect is natural and becoming.

Artistic Expert! Eyebrow Salon

I have been seeing Elke for about a year now. She is a true artist and an expert in her craft. I will not let anyone else touch my eyebrows. Her patience and meticulous and steady hand is bringing my childhood brows back. Her products are amazing - hands down the best!

Wonderful Experience Eyebrow Salon

Elke is a pleasure. Highly recommend

Killer Brows! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is one of NYC's top eyebrow professionals (I did some research beforehand) and she did a killer job on my brows. I was in town for the weekend so I made an appointment with Elke for a shape and tint. She asked some questions to find out what sort of brow aesthetic I was going for and then she worked her magic! I am so pleased and look forward to seeing her again the next time I'm in the city. Thank you Elke, from Dallas!

Very Enjoyable Eyebrow Salon

My girls enjoyed the experience very much.

Super happy with my new eyebrows Eyebrow Salon

Super happy with my new eyebrows 🙂 I was nervous at first to have them shaped, but I had no reason to be nervous-she knew exactly what she was doing

Elke transformed my brows in just a few minutes... Eyebrow Salon

Elke transformed my brows in just a few minutes, a tweeze here and there. A fee nips with the scissors, and my uneven brows became uniform and fabulous. Thank you Elke!

My brows have never looked better Eyebrow Salon

I don't trust my eyebrows to anybody but Elke was amazing. She explained everything she was going to do and asked for my opinion along the way to make sure I was satisfied. My brows have never looked better!

Right Brows Every Time! Eyebrow Salon

Elke's work is subtle and artistic. I regularly get my eyebrows shaped and tinted, along with my eyelashes. Elke gets it right every time so that I don't look like a gargoyle. The effect is natural and pretty.

Third Visit, Beautiful Brows Eyebrow Salon

My third visit and my eyebrows have never looked better! Thank you Elke!

Elke's a Pure Treat! Eyebrow Salon

I never write reviews for anything but Elke is just such a pure treat it's hard not to! Professional, warm, amazing at educating her clients and above all a magician with eyebrows. I couldn't recommend her more!

Transformed My Brows Eyebrow Salon

Elke has transformed my brows and I am in complete awe of her skills!!! I will be recommending her to everyone!

she's the best! Eyebrow Salon

Elke has been kind, considerate and very very skillful. I have been going to her now for several years, and think she's the best. My eyebrows look fantastic when she's done shaping and dyeing them. She has even managed to get some life back into my not-very-thick eyelashes.

Truly exceeded expectations! Eyebrow Salon

Elke's studio was very warm and inviting, and her staff are so courteous. Elke took several steps in color to get the brow tint, making certain we were on the same page as she worked through each step of tinting and shaping. All week I have been receiving compliments, and I can definitely attribute it to Elke's artistry.

Elke is simply the best at what she does. Eyebrow Salon

Elke is simply the best at what she does. Thanks to her I've reached my 'eyebrow goals!' She's also one of the most pleasant people you'll ever meet in NYC - makes that whole plucking hair thing a little nicer.

Eyebrow Guru Eyebrow Salon

Elke is an eyebrow genius. I am so pleased and delighted that I found her. My experience at her salon was extremely positive. Elke has a very calming presence, and I immediately felt relaxed upon meeting her. My eyebrows were a mess when I arrived, but they looked better than ever when I left. She gave me sound advice on caring for my eyebrows going forward. I will definitely continue going to Elke to keep my eyebrows looking great.

Brow Artist Eyebrow Salon

"Elke, you are truly an ""ARTIST."" I couldn't be more pleased with the results of our last session. Here I am coming to you thinking it was my final session as the depillar treatments worked so well that very little previously removed hair came back. As I looked in the mirror

I have never once regretted going and never see anyone leave her office with less than perfect brows. Eyebrow Salon

Note: This is one of the very few reviews I have ever written, so you know I feel strongly enough about this business and want it to be successful forever.
I can't say enough about Elke. I came to her a year or so after I had taken the time to thoroughly grow out my brows. Rather than risk reshaping them for the first time myself and going back to my old ways, I wanted a pro who understands on-trend brows seen in high fashion (not generic stencil or waxing techniques) to show me what my brows could offer my face. And WOW. I cannot express how pleased I was. The shape was so perfectly done and made me look stunning - model-esque! I felt instantly more fresh-faced and spent the next month hardly wanting to wear foundation or lipstick at all, because all I wanted to do was let my full brows take the stage. I am now in to see Elke for brow tints to help all those pesky blonde hairs to show up and any time I want a special treat I am sure to get an a la carte shaping. I have never once regretted going and never see anyone leave her office with less than perfect brows. In fact, I still feel incredible after seeing her. Not only is she a total expert, she is such a sweetheart and joy to talk to.
I went again today for a brow tint and trim, and this evening (hours later) my husband immediately commented on how bright and youthful my face looked. He never notices my beauty appointments! Best of all, I know I'll spend the next few weeks basking in the freedom of not having to fill in my brows daily and enjoying the confidence it gives me to go out bare-faced.

Elke was so nice and down to earth! Eyebrow Salon

"I wouldn't say that I have ""problem"" eyebrows but they definitely need to be cleaned up every so often...I get nervous going just anywhere since pulling 1 wrong hair can make or break them! Elke was so nice and down to earth! She listened to me and didn't just slap on some wax and sent me on my way

Brow Artistry Eyebrow Salon

Elke is honest, knowledgeable, creative and professional. Painless tweeting by Elke gave me the perfect brow for my face. You will not be disappointed.

Can't Praise Elke Enough Eyebrow Salon

I have had 6 sessions with Elke with the purpose of shaping my brows to be more androgynous. She has done an amazing job of achieving it. I am also lazy in that I don't want to keep home tweezing to keep up the style so for the last 3 sessions, Elke has been using her Depilar treatment on me. I can't rave about this enough. After 3 sessions (faster then average)hardly any hairs are returning and the ones that do are soft and easily removed. If you want beautiful low maintenance brows, I highly recommend the Depilar treatment

Best experience! Eyebrow Salon

Could not have had a better experience! My brows look amazing, but I most impressed with how almost painless he tweezing was and especially impressed with my eyelash tint. Didn't get a drop in my eye and was a painless experience. So excited to have found Elke!

Master of Brows Eyebrow Salon

I will never let anyone touch my eyebrows again except for Elke! I had a terrible waxing experience years ago that left me with brows the width of a pin head. In the past year that I have been going to Elke, she has helped transform my eyebrows dramatically. With her techniques, my eyebrows are fuller and have a great shape. She is a very experienced eyebrow genius! I cannot thank her enough. And on top of her expertise, she is such a sweet, down to earth person.

Professional Par Excellence Eyebrow Salon

I cannot praise Elke enough. She is conscientious, thoughtful and the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to eyebrows.

Noni O. Eyebrow Salon

I had an appointment for a Model Brow with lash and eyebrow tint with Elke a couple of days ago and it exceeded my expectations. Elke is truly an eyebrow genius. She obviously is able to really look at a client and discern what is right for that specific face. No cookie cutter brows here. A flattering and natural shape with colors to enhance each individual. Elke is a good listener and instills confidence. She also uses gentle products with a skilled hand. I was completely relaxed and beyond satisfied with my outcome.
I will certainly be back.

Amazing!!! I feel like I had a mini eye lift. I will NEVER let anyone else touch my brows!" Eyebrow Salon

"I have had my eyebrows done before by other ""eyebrow experts"". Honestly this is the first time my eyebrows have ever looked this amazing!!! In just one visit Elke was able to tweeze (painlessly I might add) my eyebrows into looking awesome. My eyebrows are thinning due to age/threading and she showed me how to fill them in while they grow in. She offered me a sample of her eyebrow scrub and there is zero pressure to purchase any of her products. I did anyway because her eyebrow mascara was simple and easy to use. Besides being super talented in her field

Should have gone to Elke sooner! Eyebrow Salon

My brows were always a work in progress...with no end in sight. I have naturally uneven brows, and prominent jaws and cheekbones. I wasn't sure where to arch my brows, how high the arch should be (to balance out those prominent jaws and cheeks), and how thin/thick they should be... After reading Elke's great reviews on Yelp, I booked an appointment and today, I am finally at peace with my brows! They are still a work in progress but Elke has given me great directions for where my brows are going and I can finally stop wondering if I'm shaping my brows in a way that fits my face.
Elke and the receptionist (I'm sorry I didn't get her name) were friendly, down to earth, and professional at all times.
First, Elke listened to me about how I wanted my brows, how I normally shape my brows, and all problems I had shaping my brows. Then she spoke to me about keeping my natural shape and thickness (I wanted them on the thick side), making my brows even, tips on growing out my brows in certain areas, current popular brow looks, and maintaining my brows. Then she applied a numbing agent and plucked away, all the while keeping friendly chats and working very intensely on my brows. It didn't hurt at all, no tugging on my lids or skin.
After, Elke taught me how to fill in my brows and gave me a mirror so that I can watch her as she did it. She was extremely patient with my questions about brow powder tones and even gave me advice on using the right brushes for application. Elke did not push any products on me. I did buy Elke's brow powder because I had been looking for one and with Elke's recommendation, I knew I couldn't go wrong.
After my appointment, my new brows and I went shopping, and I can't tell you how many looks and compliments I got from people!
Elke is an artist and a scientist in eyebrows. I just let her talent, experience, and precision take away all my frustration. It's so worth it. If I had done this sooner, I wouldn't have wasted so much time, money (on useless products!), and energy. I'm looking forward to my next appointment and my brows' progress!

YOU WON'T FIND BETTER ANYWHERE!! Elke not only has amazing talent but she is lovely to talk to and runs a very professional salon. There's never a wait and checking out is friendly fast and simple. If I could give her six stars

"Elke has been doing my brows for well over a year now. All I can say is that she is truly a ""brow wizard"". I doubt that anyone could find better. I'm thrilled each time she shapes my brows and she works quickly and painlessly. She has a true talent for knowing how to give a professionally styled brow

Elke you were absolutely amazing. Eyebrow Salon

Elke you were absolutely amazing, you really know what your doing, my eyebrows were a mess and you completely fixed them to look the best they ever have. I love them!!! they have never looked better and I'm very happy with the work you did. Your also very sweet and made me feel comfortable. Thank you so much for the awesome experience. I will be back for my next session and i will never go for a cheap thread, nail salon, or to another place again. Coming to you is well worth it

Great Experience! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is great! I've had a very pleasant experience with her. She not only shaped my brows (which looked fantastic after) but showed me how to fill in my brows and recommended to use her brow scrub.
I definitely will be back to see her again! Thank you Elke!

Very good experience Eyebrow Salon

My experience with Elke was fantastic. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She taught me how to take care of my eyebrows and for that i am very thankful. Great experience overall.

Excellent Experience Eyebrow Salon

Elke is absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful experience on my first appointment. She truly is a professional and knew exactly how to shape and clean my brows. I am now a loyal customer! I would highly recommend her to just about anyone!

It was an amazing experience! Eyebrow Salon

I am the most difficult client when it comes to getting my eyebrows done. I have done it all: threading, waxing, and tweezing. I have been kicked out of two salons because I was too particular about my brows. That was about 4 years ago. I have not let anybody touch my brows since then and, honestly, for good reason. I was so grateful for Elke's patience and so excited to find out that she is of the same school of thought as I am when it comes to brows. We both believe in the power of a thick brow to frame the face. She was absolutely incredible! I'd pay three times as much to do it again because it was well worth the money! It was an amazing experience, which I highly recommend!

Actress/Comedienne Eyebrow Salon

Due to a busy schedule and being an actress on a budget I may not see Elke for months for my model brow shaping, but when I do return we pick up as though we're old friends who just saw one another the day before. That's how personable Elke is. Unlike most Beauty Experts, Elke is happy to see you, she greets with you the warmest smile and she doesn't scold you or have a negative attitude towards you because of the time frame of service. Then of course there's Elke's incredible skills to turn your beauty disgrace into an amazing gorgeous face! She has the ability to not only give you clean well shaped eye brows, but also to help your brows grow and as a person who's always in front of a camera that's so important for me. Thanks so much Elke for always providing stellar service!

Elke is a magician, Eyebrow Salon

My eyebrows are wonderful, every time I leave this place I feel like I am born again(lol), Elke is a magician, she knows what she is doing and does it very well. Everybody asks where did I have them done, I get complements... She is awesome!!! I love her work, it's perfection. Thanks, Elke!

Love, love, love. Eyebrow Salon

Love, love, love. No one else makes me thrilled with my eyebrows quite like Elke. I have uneven eyebrows that do not wish to behave, and 30 minutes with her and I look 100% more polished than usual. Some people love walking out of a salon with a new haircut, I love walking out of Elke's salon with an improved face. She knows what looks best for your face, AND she will still listen to what you want. She's pretty much the fair godmother of eyebrows. I've been seeing her every few weeks for the better part of a year, and my eyebrows have never looked more even and I have never been this pleased with my eyebrows. She's an expert for a reason. She knows exactly how to shape an eyebrow with 1-2 rows of eyebrow hairs. She's amazing at what she does, and she is such a joy to talk to.

Don't go anywhere else Eyebrow Salon

Elke was so warm and welcoming and made me feel comfortable the entire time. I have very fair/thin eyebrows and she listened to my concerns, managed to find the perfect shade of eyebrow tint and made them look thicker and fuller. I will never go to anyone else. So happy I found Elke. She's the real deal with tons of experience.

Highly recommended! : Yelp Eyebrow Salon

Taming and shaping my eyebrows have always been a major challenge for me. they grow in different directions, at different rates and are just a mess more often than not. prior to visiting elke, i would just go and get my eyebrow threaded but was distraught that each time i would go, my eyebrows would become thinner and thinner so i bit the bullet, allowed my brows to grow out for 2 months and afterwards, made an appointment with elke.
Firstly, she is an incredibly warm person and despite her being the actual expert, genuinely listened to my concerns and requests about my eyebrows. she takes her time to explain her recommendation and then slowly works on your brows pausing during each step to make sure you are happy with the results.
For me, the end result was thick, tames, glorious eyebrows and i could not be happier.
The best part: she doesn't ever push any products or services on you and really cares about one's satisfaction. highly recommended!
elke: i'll see you in a few weeks for a trim!

If you are looking to correct your brow line or simply enhance your brows I would highly recommend working with Elke. Eyebrow Salon

I have been a client at of Elke's salon for several years now. I find Elke to be an irreplaceable part of my beauty treatment. She has worked with many celebrity clients. If you are looking to correct your brow line or simply enhance your brows I would highly recommend working with Elke.

Love love love! Eyebrow Salon

Love love love! Where has Elke been all my life?! I never knew my eyebrows could look so great following my natural shape. I am getting married in November and was looking for someone to save my eyebrows. My friend gave me the best referral. I have never met anyone who is more knowledgable about brows. This is clearly her art. She quickly pointed out the common mistakes that were made on my brows from people who were just randomly waxing. This always left me with uneven brows. I thought this was just me but Elke evened them out in the first session. Amazing. No one will ever touch my brows again except Elke. And on top of that she is just a lovely person. Makes you feel at home and super comfortable. I cannot recommend this place more

Tween Brow Eyebrow Salon

I recently took my Daughter who turned 13 to get her eyebrows cleaned up. She was very excited to experience this adventure. Elke was so patient and explained what she would be doing to keep my daughters eyebrows as natural as possible. My Daughter was so happy with the outcome. I will be returning for my child and myself. I am looking to reshape my eyebrows and I am going to Elke. Thank You so much!!

Sylvia and Nia

As Seen On BeautyBooked.com Eyebrow Salon

Pricey - yes. Worth it - heck yes. I just had my brows done (my wedding is coming up) and am so happy I went here. Elke is able to look at your face, your eyebrows, think of what you look like in a photo and comes up with the most natural beautiful brows you didn't know you could have. I have thick eyebrows, and I love the fact that she was obsessed with them, unlike others who want to make pencil-thin lines that look horrible on my face. I am in love and think I may need to become a lifetime customer. Btw - she tweezed mine in nanoseconds, and the results were natural and soft. Also grad students and undergrads, she gives 20 percent off the cost if you bring your ID.

Kind, sweet and engaging, she's the best at what she does. Eyebrow Salon

Elke is excellent, as always. Kind, sweet and engaging, she's the best at what she does. No one else is allowed to touch my eyebrows. I started going to see her about 2 years ago. My brows were extremely sparse from thin waxing and over plucking. Today, my brows have never looked better!! I'm extremely happy I found her!

Thank you Elke! Eyebrow Salon

Love my brow shape and the way you explained everything, thank you Elke!

I honestly don't think I will ever go anywhere else again Eyebrow Salon

I honestly don't think I will ever go anywhere else again for a brow shaping. Elke is a genius - she just knows what shape and thickness look best with your face and features and she ALWAYS gets it right! She takes her time and listens to your concerns and preferences. She makes helpful suggestions and is honest in her opinion. Also - Elke's products are great! I just bought the brow gel and mascara and was hesitent because I was using another for awhile but Elke's version blows that out of the water - much easier and quicker to use! I would recommend anyone to Elke!!!!

My appointment with Elke was a wonderful experience. Eyebrow Salon

My appointment with Elke was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend her eye brow shaping. I thought I had no eye brows and I was shock what she was able to do. She is warm, she made me feel comfortable and her staff was great. I look forward to going back again. Thank you Elke

Excellent Work Eyebrow Salon

Elke is a professional par excellence. She knows exactly what she is doing and has over the year I've been seeing her corrected all the damage others have done to my brows with wax. Elke has became a necessary part of my grooming.

Brow beauty Eyebrow Salon

For over a year now I have been coming to Elke & she has completely transformed my brows from short & wonky to long & well shaped. Her brow scrub & serum really do work & her eyebrow pencil is fabulous. Elke is such a delight- really the best brow place in town.

Beautiful Lashes Eyebrow Salon

I go to Elke regularly for a lash tint. I am fair with blond eyelashes and she uses a gentle, vegetable-based dye to die them a rich and gorgeous blue-black which lasts 6 weeks. I don't have to wear mascara now! It took me years to find a good salon in NYC that offers a nontoxic tint, and Elke has a very gentle hand as well. I highly recommend her!

Elke is the absolute best!!!!! Eyebrow Salon

She works her magic each and every time with my unruly eyebrows. If you want your eyebrows done to perfection, make an appointment immediately to see Elke!

So cool Eyebrow Salon

I would only go here, plain and simple. They know EXACTLY what they are doing, and treat you with professionalism.

Elke is an artist with eyebrows. Eyebrow Salon

Elke is an artist with eyebrows. She looks at your face, evaluates the shape of your brows and begins to reshape your brows accordingly. She offers advice to those who may need a long term program from over plucking your brows. She has her own products for make up and brows that are gorgeous.

Elke is THE eyebrow goddess. Eyebrow Salon

Elke is THE eyebrow goddess. She transformed my eyebrows and taught me great grooming and maintenance techniques. In addition, Elke's brow tinting and lash services are second to none. I swear by her product line and can't wait to try the entire holiday collection.

I still did not have better place Eyebrow Salon

Friendly, cozy place. Elke is very good in what she is doing, but I think that the place is somewhate overpriced.

I cannot recommend Elke enough Eyebrow Salon

I cannot recommend Elke enough - she is such a wonderful person & beyond talented at what she does. I have been raving about her to my friends since my 1st visit & only have even better things to say after my 2nd visit. Such a lovely, enjoyable, relaxing experience, and coming out with the best looking brows you've ever had is just the cherry on top!! Thanks, Elke!

amazing! Eyebrow Salon

Before going to Elke I had actually contemplated plastic surgery because I thought my eyes were different sizes. I consulted two plastic surgeons who each had different oppinions on how to fix it...but both were ready to operate. when I left Elke's I noticed my eyes were the same size and shape! it was my brows and she fixed it! what a great eye. this isn't just a brow shaping, it is a whole face experience.

You cannot get a better experience. Eyebrow Salon

My brows have gone from feeble to fabulous thanks to Elkes expertise & wonderful brow products. You cannot get a better experience. Thank you Elke.

Elke is the best! Eyebrow Salon

I cannot recommend Elke enough - she is such a wonderful person & beyond talented at what she does. I have been raving about her to my friends since my 1st visit & only have even better things to say after my 2nd visit. Such a lovely, enjoyable, relaxing experience, and coming out with the best looking brows you've ever had is just the cherry on top!! Thanks, Elke!

Elke was amazing..... Eyebrow Salon

Elke was amazing- spent a lot of time with me, very precise, and my eyebrows look fabulous! I will definitely be coming back

I have amazing brows. Eyebrow Salon

informative, friendly, professional and I have amazing brows.

Very happy.... Eyebrow Salon

elke is the best. i always leave happy.

A Bridal Brow Client Eyebrow Salon

What a wonderful experience! From the minute I walked in I knew I was in great hands with Elke. The space was so relaxing and my brows look fabulous! Thank you.

I now have the eyebrows I always wanted. Eyebrow Salon

I now have the eyebrows I always wanted. Elke is wonderful, professional and thorough. She really takes the time to listen and is genuinely interested in what your needs are. Once she knows what you want, she goes to work, giving you perfect brows. I highly recommend her and the salon to anyone who is in search of the perfect brow.

The salon and staff are..... Eyebrow Salon

The salon and staff are most welcoming and very professional. Elke is fabulous!

My eyelashes look gorgeous Eyebrow Salon

My eyelashes look gorgeous and I was so relaxed at your spa that I fell asleep. I will definitely be back!

the staff was very personable. Eyebrow Salon

they were very prompt and very pleasant. the space was clean and comfortable and the staff very personable.

Elke was so warm and welcoming. Eyebrow Salon

Elke was so warm and welcoming. She offered great advice and really knew her stuff. I told her to keep my brows thick and so she did. Her tweezing was precise and didn't hurt a bit. The result was a "clean" and defined brow. She recommended I return in 6-8 for a clean-up. I did not feel rushed nor pushed to come back too soon. Thanks Elke!

Elke is the best at what she does ..... Eyebrow Salon

Elke is the best at what she does and she's just an overall sweet person. She is a perfectionist and that is a great quality to have when it comes to these services.

I'm so glad I found her! Eyebrow Salon

Ellke is so sweet and did a fantastic job on my brows! I'm so glad I found her!

Knows how to repair damaged brows instantly. Eyebrow Salon

I normally get my brows threaded, but stopped doing that technique in December because the threader messed up my left brow and I was growing them out. I was in preparation for a major photo shoot and needed a brow expert urgently and then I found Elke Von Freudenberg. The staff was very courteous/helpful and Elke, the owner of this fabulous salon is an Angel. She's friendly, personable, professional and knows how to repair damaged brows instantly. I walked into her salon a hot mess and walked out looking my best! Both my brows were even and shaped to perfection. I'm now ready for a sensational photo shoot thanks to Elke!

Perfect eyebrows Eyebrow Salon

Elke was both professional and proficient, sculpting perfect eyebrows.

Elke was the perfect selection. Eyebrow Salon

have had a complex about my eyebrows since I can remember. Scarring, uneven, over plucked, you name it I suffered from it! Making the decision to see an eyebrow professional was the best decision I've ever made and Elke was the perfect selection, talented, artistic and simply amazing is how I'd describe Elke. Her studio is inviting and relaxing the receptionist was super sweet. Overall treat yourself!!!! Schedule an appt today!! You will not regret it!

Thank you so much!!! Eyebrow Salon

As usual, Elke treated me with warm professionalism and no matter what, she always does beautiful work. AND due to unforeseen circumstances, Elke was able to change my appointment and accommodate me at the last minute. Thank you so much!!!

5 Stars Eyebrow Salon

The woman that serviced me, knew good and well what she was doing. Was very professorial..Def would recommend.. 5 stars

Elke is amazing! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is amazing! I came in after a bad threading session. I thought my eyebrows were too thin and crooked. Elke made me feel so much better explaining that they weren't that bad,the ways that I could grow them out faster and fix them. She really knew her brows! Thank you, thank you, I can't wait for my brows to grow out so I can see her again.

Thank you ELKE!!! Eyebrow Salon

I started going to Elke in June 2012. I arrived with barely anything that resembled an eyebrow and now - not only do I have beautifully shaped eyebrows - but they are actually thick! Never thought the day would come where I would have thick beautifully arched eyebrows!! Thank you ELKE!!!

I look 10 years younger! Eyebrow Salon

Every time I leave, I look 10 years younger!! She really knows her stuff and gave great recommendations.

A great gem in this city. Eyebrow Salon

Give yourself a delightful time at this lovely space with the gorgeous & super pro Elke. Your brows will look amazing in no time. A great gem in this city.

I would definitely recommend Elke to everyone. Eyebrow Salon

I got my eyebrows done today by Elke. She is so funny and sweet. I was very nervous because I have a big scar in my left eyebrow that no seems to know how to shape properly. Elke was the total opposite. She took her time and explained what she was going to do and asked me if I felt comfortable with everything she was doing. She gave me tips and tricks that I will be definitely using. I would definitely recommend Elke to everyone. She is truly professional and knows her craft very well. Make your appointment now you won't be disappointed!!!

I wish i had gone to her a long time ago. Eyebrow Salon

I wish i had gone to her a long time ago. Now it is actually a pleasure to have my eyebrows done. Elke definitely knows what she's talking about, and she gets the job done so fast it's quite impressive...and without experiencing any pain. It doesn't hurt that she is also very nice. The place is a big open space, very Soho like, and it smells like if someone is baking ginger cookies -
I think i read a review about someone complaining about the noise level...it must have been me laughing with Elke as she is funny and friendly.
I would sincerely recommend this place -

Perfect brows Eyebrow Salon

Perfect brows - as usual - by Elke. She really listens to your personal preferences and if you can't achieve it with the hairs you have yet, she will give you ways to "cheat" your brows. I have been "brow shamed" in the past by other "experts". Elke is ALWAYS encouraging and shows you how to achieve the results you want. Elke is the TRUE brow expert!

I Love My Eyebrows Now. Eyebrow Salon

I went to get them tweezed 3 times already. My shape was not what i wanted and they were too thin. Elke helped me to grow and reshape them by doing the right job!!!! I highly recommend her! She is professional and not money hungry like a lot of people and places in beauty industry. She also has great personality and a very nice person.

Elke and her staff are absolutely delightful. Eyebrow Salon

Elke and her staff are absolutely delightful and deliver the best results. I walk out with fabulous eyebrows each time and feeling well taken care of. Love this place!

Elke was wonderful! Eyebrow Salon

Elke was wonderful! I've always had light, thin brows and she made them look so much fuller. She was absolutely lovely, and the salon was nice and peacefully. I would recommend her to everyone!

Elke's salon is special Eyebrow Salon

Elke's salon is special - not in a glitzy way but it feels personal and individual. Very different than a Sephora's or Blooomingdales's brow station. Feels individually tailored for your own needs. Elke's technique produces a natural look based on her keen eye, skill and your own wants and opinion.

As always.... Eyebrow Salon

As always Elke was wonderful and did an amazing job. She gave me a sample of a brow serum that she has been developing to encourage hair growth. I love that she is always innovating and working on new ideas. World, Elke won't stop until all our brow woes are addressed!

My brows look great! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is wonderful and my brows look great!

As soon as i stepped i knew i had made the right decision.... Eyebrow Salon

As soon as i stepped i knew i had made the right decision to choose Elke Von Freudenberg salon. The receptionist was very welcoming , offering cookies and cider :-), and Elke was very nice and professional. i really did not know what to expect, but she totally makes you feel at ease, and you know right away that she knows what she's talking about. The only regret i have is to not have known about this place sooner.
...and no no one paid me to write this review.

Very Happy Eyebrow Salon

I've been a client at Elke's salon for several years now. I love her salon.I've had my eyebrows done by Elke for three years. I've seen more bad eyebrows then good so if you corrective brow fix or are looking for someone that knows how to make a beautiful face more beautiful call Elke. Elke always make you feel like she is seeing a friend but is a total professional. She takes great pride in her work.

Elke did a great job.... Eyebrow Salon

My eyebrows were a disaster when I walked in. Elke did a great job cleaning them up and gave me pointers on how to help hairs grow back in areas that are sparse.

Thanks to Elke...... Eyebrow Salon

Styling my eyebrows has been the bane of my daily cosmetic repertoire for years, but thanks to Elke, I have a whole new perspective on their shape and regrowth. The hour she spent with me for my first consultation was truly enlightening (and comforting!) and I was truly impressed by the depth of her knowledge and expertise. I am most certainly a satisfied customer and will definitely be back!

Very happy! Eyebrow Salon

"I wouldn't say that I have ""problem"" eyebrows but they definitely need to be cleaned up every so often...I get nervous going just anywhere since pulling 1 wrong hair can make or break them! Elke was so nice and down to earth! She listened to me and didn't just slap on some wax and sent me on my way

Elke truly revived my eyebrows!! Eyebrow Salon

They look absolutely amazing and I could not be happier. I have finally found someone who was able to make them even, while still keeping them thick. Such a difference from other places. Totally worth the money!!

Thank you! Eyebrow Salon

After just a short, pleasant time in the chair, Elke showed me my eyebrows and I was amazed at how good they looked. I'd never known I actually had a nice arch and good shape, until Elke worked her magic. It transformed my face. Also, she's such a nice, down to earth woman. Thank you!

Seen on Yelp Eyebrow Salon

Spending time with Elke is a treat! Having my eyebrows look spectacular is amazing. Went b/c I'd read great reviews, and they are all true. I felt pampered, and loved the eyebrow pencil lesson. She does not push her products, but I bought the pencil anyways. It's great! I'll be back. Thanks, Elke - you're the best!!

Great!! Eyebrow Salon

This is the fifth time that i'm going to Elke to do my eyebrows. Not only she is doing a great job but she is a fantastic person as well. I'm always happy with how my eyebrows look when i leave from there.

Eyebrow Salon

I've been traveling from New Jersey to have Elke take care of my eyebrows for a few years now- won't go anywhere else.

still great after all of these years Eyebrow Salon

Started having Elke do my brows in her Park Slope days. At least 4 years later, I think that says it all. She respects my wishes, shapes beautifully. Never pushes product. A good person to boot!


I just had my second visit with Elke to work on my brows, and she is a GODSEND. I am an actress and a model and have always had so much trouble with my brows--keeping them under control and neat, and mostly finding the right shape for my face! This is such an important point, since the wrong brow shape can completely change a face, and I need my face to make a living! 🙂 In addition to expertly repairing and correcting eyebrow butchering that past makeup artists have committed, and finding a great shape to frame my bone structure, she is such an absolute joy to be around.

Don't have time for vacation then treat yourself to a session in Elke beauty salon. Eyebrow Salon

I am a busy mom and for ages I haven't had a chance to take care about my face. So I decided for a visit in beauty salon. I have chosen Elke Von Freudenberg Salon NYC. It was definitely a great choice!!!! Friendly atmosphere was just only beginning of the fabulous adventure which I experienced. I had face massage, peeling and masques. Elke's cosmetics works as aromatherapy, and I felt relaxed, refreshed and younger for a long time.

5 Star Service! Eyebrow Salon

This is how all businesses should be run! Even though I arrived a little early for my first appointment, Elke greeted me personally and with such respect and joy that I felt so welcome, like we've known each other for a long time. Elke was so professional and pleasant that I am committed to keep going there even though at first I just went for the experience. Her work is impeccable. I've never had nicer-looking eyebrows. She did not try to upsell any products or services as some places do so aggressively. Instead, she just gave me some brochures and after I got home I saw a follow-up e-mail thanking me for coming, and providing a link to online shopping site. This is terrific! I feel truly valued as a customer. Even though I am still only a student, I was treated as a VIP. I strongly recommend Elke's salon to everyone. Great work and exceptional service!

Elke was amazing! Eyebrow Salon

I didn't know what to expect before getting there but she totally put my mind at ease and did a great job with my horribly misshapen brows. She was personable, fun, and it was a relaxing way to end a work day. The best is knowing that she's really passionate about what she does and wants her clients to be happy -- always a good sign!

Elke's Brows Eyebrow Salon

Meticulous-which is always a good thing when it comes to brows! Takes your opinion into account before starting to shape your brows. And an all around sweet person!

As seen on Yelp Eyebrow Salon

I went to Elke yesterday for the first time for a brow shaping. I discussed my specific brow requests, and Elke was receptive and encouraging of what I wanted. I like to leave my eyebrows full and natural-looking and have had issues in the past with brow specialists creating brows that are too small and not shaped to my liking. However, Elke has been the first to communicate well and understand what I like. She is artistically creative and has a broad vision and appreciation of beauty... you can trust her with your individual look! Also, she is quite thoughtful and a pleasure to talk to. Highly recommended!


I have struggled with my eyebrows for years. Too thick, too thin, uneven...it was awful. Even after my first eyebrow appointment there was significant difference and tons and tons of compliments from my friends. Elke works her magic and she is a wonderful person to chat with as well 🙂

EXCELLENT Eyebrow Salon

Elke did an amazing job shaping my 13 year old daughter's eyebrows for an important event. The service was prompt, without any pain, and age appropriate. And my daughter looked gorgeous.

1st eyebrow experience Eyebrow Salon

My 12-yr-old daughter's 1st eyebrow experience was a success thanks to Elke! She was very friendly and made my daughter feel comfortable. & her work is impeccable.

As seen on Google Eyebrow Salon

I was very happy with my eyebrow reshaping. Elke also showed me how to use products to make them look fuller. I think the attention to my brows makes my eyes look better, The brows look fuller and it makes my face look a little younger. Elke and her assistant made me feel very welcome. They obviously enjoy what they do and are very good at it. I will be back again and will try the other services they offer as well.

As seen on Yelp.com Eyebrow Salon

No joke..this woman is a Goddess.. she totally has turned my eyebrows around.
Thank you Elke.

I will be back! Eyebrow Salon

My friend and I visited Elke as part of a girls' weekend visit to NYC. We are older women and our brows have thinned. Elke and her assistant were both very welcoming. She shaped my brows, gave them more of an arch and suggested product that would make them appear fuller. There was absolutely no pressure to purchase anything (although of course I did- my brows look great!) The new fuller brows make my face look a little more awake and bring attention to my eyes. I was very happy with my service and will be back again. I also want to try the other services offered.

Elke's the Best Eyebrow Salon

Elke is everything these reviews say she is -- a lovely person who does fabulous work with eyebrows. I have seen her a few times -- whenever I get to NYC and can get an appointment. Each time, I leave looking younger and better. I had started to think my eyebrows made my 50-something face look older as they have gotten thinner and grayer, but with subtle shaping and a little tinting and use of Elke's new waterproof taupe brow pencil, my eyebrows look dark (but still totally natural), tame and thick like they did when I was 30. A little out of the way location, but well worth the trip!

Elke is the best in eyebrows! Eyebrow Salon

I've been to many different places to get my eyebrows done and haven't been satisfied until i started seeing Elke, she is great and is a true eyebrow professional. I really recommend her. I will only go to her and no other place to do my eyebrows.

Well worth it Eyebrow Salon

Elke is the best in the business. You will leave her salon feeling like a new person after she expertly shapes your brows. I have been going to her for several months now and see a dramatic difference in the shape of my brows which had been botched by other salons in the past. Elke is very sweet and down to earth and puts her clients at ease while in the chair. Would highly recommend.

well, what can one say! Eyebrow Salon

Elke takes the time to figure out what your face should be framed by and then tackles those rebellious eyebrows with patience and skill. No one beats her professionalism.

Sacred! Eyebrow Salon

My brows are sacred! I am constantly looking for the right person downtown to do them and I am constantly disappointed. Elke got it IMMEDIATELY. I finally didn't have to direct someone, she just GOT IT. She reshaped them and kept them thick and my brows look amazing. I won't go anywhere else from now on.

Easy, Perfect Experience Eyebrow Salon

This was my first time receiving eyebrow fixing services and my first time with Elke. The studio was quiet, welcoming, and easy going. Elke was sweet, knowledgeable, and lovely. She worked with my eyebrows and explained what she was doing as she went. She also showed me how to keep up my look and when to come back. My eyebrows look so much better than they did when I went in. I would recommend her services to anyone out there that has eyebrows! 🙂

Highly skilled Eyebrow Salon

My teen daughter feel victim of a do-it-at-home eyebrow waxing and was in tears afterward. In one visit Elke restored her brows to a beautiful and natural looking shape. She was lovely, understanding and extremely skilled. I recommend her without ANY reservation.

Easy, Relaxed Eyebrow Salon

I had a great experience with Elke. Her studio is bright, open and airy. She made me feel very welcome. As she worked on my eyebrows, she explained what she was doing and how to maintain them at home. Best of all, my eyebrows look great! I would highly recommend Elke!

Best in the business. she is one of the nicest people ever. What's not to love?!" Eyebrow Salon

"I have been seeing Elke for quite some time now and -- quite simply -- she is the best. I saw numerous brow ""experts"" before her

Elke was Great! Eyebrow Salon

Really love my eyebrows and the experience was great. She talked me through how to do clean-up myself at home so I could not have to go back to her so much. Plus, she offers all sorts of coupons, which is great for a small business.

Best Eye Brows Ever!! Eyebrow Salon

Before finding Elke I used to wax my eye brows once a month and I was not really happy with their shape. I've been going to Elke for a year now and my eyebrows look amazing!! People say it is a little bit costly, but believe me she's worth it! I won't trust my eyebrows to anybody else after meeting her. She really studies your brow shape and recommends you the best shape for them, she always makes me feel like a million bucks!

Lovely, friendly, personalized service Eyebrow Salon

Elke's studio is clean, airy, tidy and peaceful. Lovely, personalized service in an unrushed and private environment. Elke pays attention to your comments and concerns and gives you undivided attention. The experience is painless and fast! Much recommended.

It's her 'thing' Eyebrow Salon

Elke is super professional and knowledgeable about her craft. She takes the time to explain everything and also listens to you. I highly recommend her.

Terrific Eyebrow Salon

It was a pleasure having my eyebrows shaped by Elke. She did a wonderful job. I don't have too many eyebrows, and she used what I had and even took out some strays, to make my eyebrows look so much better. I look forward to using her often for future eyebrow shaping and probably waxing too.

Amazing! From now on only Elke can touch my eyebrows:) Eyebrow Salon

Elke is amazing! She can literally transform your face! I never got such a great result with threading or waxing! Elke created beautiful arch and it literally transformed my face! Highly recommend!

gifted Eyebrow Salon

What a joy to cross paths with someone simply gifted at what she does and who clearly loves their calling. This is Elke. Her talent and attitude are addictive.

No where else Eyebrow Salon

I will go no where else to get my brows shaped. The experience was wonderful and Elke is, not only a master artiste, but an engaging conversationalist.

Very professional Eyebrow Salon

Erin did my brows as a new trainee. She was friendly and very good at explaining what was happening with my brows. She explained what she was going to do and then asked for approval before she started wanting to make sure I was happy with the results. And I was!! It's amazing how much more open my eyes look! Instant eye-lift! Thank you for a very pleasant experience. 🙂

Ah-mazing Eyebrow Salon

Elke did a wonderful job on my lashes and I will be going back for brows. In addition to being fabulously talented, she is a friendly, charming person to be around. I highly recommend her.

Elke is a tweezer wizard Eyebrow Salon

Elke very quickly and efficiently tamed my brows. I have been getting my brows done with whomever was in my neighborhood, and didn't notice a difference between places. After Elke worked on my brows, I've been feeling like my eyes look bigger and I realize how much the brows impact the appearance of the whole face. I feel like Elke is able to shape your brows to be perfect for your face, yet she is also very meticulous. I will be back again!

So far, so great! Eyebrow Salon

I went to Elke because i was tired of the 'one size fits all' approach that all the threaders have taken on my brows-- not to mention the continually thinner shape I saw happening. I wanted to get my eyebrows shaped to look fuller, and to best fit my face. Elke made my eyebrows look better than I thought they could! She was also great in helping explain how to best maintain with tweezing at home. Wonderful service- I'll be going back in about a month to have her do some more work!

fantastic Eyebrow Salon

Elke is so talented, kind and caring. I love the way my eyes and eyebrows look. The studio is bright, clean, professional and has a glass jar of dark chocolate too. Thank you Elke for making me feel so beautiful.

Awesome! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is just lovely! She takes the time to find the best shape for you, takes a thoughtful and conservative approach, and makes you look your best. She is patient and will make sure you're happy with the results!

Awesome Eyebrow Salon

Elke made me feel as if I knew her for years. I did not think there was any hope for my eyebrows. To my surprise there was. This woman is a miracle worker. When I saw my eyebrows I could not believe that was me. She truly is the Queen of eyebrows.

Fabulous Eyebrow Salon

I came to Elke as a bride-to-be with no idea of what I wanted my make-up to look like on my big day. She showed me three fabulous looks during my appointment, each more fabulous than the last. I feel so lucky to have found her.

Elke's Fantastic Eyebrow Salon

I was so glad to find Elke in Manhattan after having used her services in Brooklyn. Her new space is extremely relaxing - what a comfy chaise! Elke is so gentle and makes you feel beautiful. She creates your look based on what you want. There's no pain. My brows are extremely natural-looking. I've used Elke for makeup as well and she does a lovely job. I highly recommend her.

A dream after a hard weeks work Eyebrow Salon

Elke is a great hostess and her work is amazing. She's so personable and really makes the appointment worth it. Everything is so peaceful;including the environment. I would certainly recommend to my friends.

100% Recommended! Eyebrow Salon

Elke was so incredibly welcoming and kind. I went in extremely nervous after having a TERRIBLE experience with my eyebrows and she knew exactly what to do to get them back to my previous shape! I brought in pictures to my appointment of what I wanted my eyebrows to look like and she was able to replicate them perfectly. I had a wonderful experience with her and definitely will be going back.

AMAZING Eyebrow Salon

This was the first time I had my brows done since someone scalped me in Vancouver so was petrified!! Elke was so great. First she asked me the history of my eyebrows, listened carefully to the look I was going for and then took off the smallest amount and still managed to create a whole new shape!

Elke's Brow Shaping is Like a Subtle Brow Lift Eyebrow Salon

Elke shaped my brows yesterday and after I got home I could hardly believe how natural they looked yet the subtle arch she created was like a brow lift. Also, she is very down to earth and nice and a pleasure to spend time with. I highly recommend her to everyone!

A Miracle Worker! Eyebrow Salon

After having a horrific eyebrow waxing that left my face asymmetrical and my eyebrows in shambles I researched the internet, found Elke and decided to go to her for help. She is a true professional. She listened to what I had to say, made suggestions, and worked with me to get my eyebrows back on the road to recovery. Even though I do not live in Manhattan I will continue to make the trip into the city because I am so pleased with the result and with her excellent service.

Elke is one of THE very best eyebrow specialists in NYC! Eyebrow Salon

After enjoying several of the best of the best in NYC (e.g. Jemina at Robin Evans, Ramy, et al), I am now a happy loyal customer of Elke -- who is as nice as she is talented at creating perfectly arched brows! (Note: I'd recommend avoiding Eliza P., whom I found to be lacking in basic common courtesy.)

Such a great experience Eyebrow Salon

Elke is wonderful. She made some excellent suggestions for my brows. I couldn't be more pleased. She's not only great at what she does, but very professional as well. I look forward to to becoming a regular customer.

Elke is THE best in NYC!! Eyebrow Salon

My previous appointment with Elke was around Thanksgiving 2009 - and I did not have to see her for THAT long because the shaping she did (took about 6 visits) and the tips she provided allowed me to maintain my brows all that time. But it was time for a touch up and I'm so glad I found Elke again. I will never go to anyone else (and I have been the Eliza and Robin). No one else compares!

The best Eyebrow Salon

I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. My daughters and I are faithful patrons-would rather not have our brows done than go elsewhere. Very comfortable experience every time.

will definitely be going back Eyebrow Salon

absolutely delightful studio that is enhanced by Elke's warm and loving personality. AND my brows look fabulous! A treat that everyone should allow for themselves.

Superb! Eyebrow Salon

Very personalized approach with great attention to detail. Expert correction of brow mishaps from other salons. Patient instruction to help grow back brows which have been over-plucked or threaded elsewhere.

Elke is an expert! Eyebrow Salon

This is the place to go. I have been seeing Elke for more than 2 years and she has worked wonders. And..she is so nice and down to earth. Just go, you'll be glad you did.

Eyebrows, PhD! Eyebrow Salon

Seriously, Elke knows brows! Mine are sparse and I've never had anyone tell me why before. I'm going to try her eyebrow scrub which is supposed to lengthen my eyebrow hairs (which is, she tells me, why mine are sparse - I have enough hair, they're just not long enough) When they've filled in, I'll be back for another tweezing!

Top notch talent and a fantastic experience Eyebrow Salon

"I walked into her studio feeling tentative and dorky. She immediately greets you and makes you feel welcome and special. Been over-waxing my brows for years and they had been growing in very thin. I knew the shape was not right for my face, so I really wanted a fresh start with a brow guru who would put me on the right track. I came to the right place! I had a ""model brow rehab"" session and I am so happy with the results. I could gush on about her

he Model Brow What A Discovery Eyebrow Salon

I found Elke Von Freudenberg through a Tippr Coupon, and now will never go anywhere else. She instinctively knows how to shape your brow line for your face. She is careful and consults with you allowing you to understand the process. She'll make suggestions to help you maintain you brow until you are able to to have your brows done again

Very professional & best service I have ever had! Eyebrow Salon

I received a very bad eyebrow wax and had to let my brows grow back. I decided to try Elke because of their amazing reviews and I am so glad that I went!! The service was outstanding and I was explained what was being done to me every step of the way, which I loved!! if you are thinking of going, just do it, you won't regret it!!

Love my brows! Eyebrow Salon

Elke did an amazing job with my sparse eyebrows. She evened them out, gave them definition and a little glamour. I coudn't be happier. I immediately looked better groomed and more pulled together.

What a difference! Eyebrow Salon

This was my first eyebrow shaping and I can't believe the difference! It opened up my whole face. My brows were cockeyed from years of bad tweezing, but the brow artist evened them out for me. I will definitely be back.

this is great for mature brows! Eyebrow Salon

my brows are greying,over tweezed & sparse, so they really required special attention. This is not just a ripping out of hairs. The brow artist showed me how to add natural color with make up that looks incredible . This is better than botox .This is that 5 minute fountain of youth. Great brows start a great face really & truly!

A true expert Eyebrow Salon

Elke cleaned up my eyebrows within seconds after they had become a mess and uneven after years of false tweezing. Before I booked the appointment I doubted that someone could fix my eyebrows again. She is a lovely person, very calm and polite and takes her time to deal with your concerns. She shares her experiences and explains every step before she starts. Elke is very professional and very kind. The result is perfect eyebrows just the way they should be. She is a true expert.

V. Good Eyebrow Salon

I'm a self-conscious guy and almost never having my big hairy eyebrows professionally cleaned up before, I was always nervous just thinking about doing it. I found Elke after a lot of internet searching, liked the positive reviews and her ideas on the website, and decided to finally go for it. Elke genuinely made me feel comfortable, understood my need, and did a great job! Definitely worth it. I feel more normal now. Some things you should just leave for the experts, right? 😉

Happy I found Elke Eyebrow Salon

Before I met Elke I never like my eyebrows. I felt really comfortable with her. She took her time with me and didn't rush. I love the way my eyebrows look now

Best eyebrow shape I've had Eyebrow Salon

My eyebrow shaping experience with Elke and one of her trainees was excellent. I didn't want too much of a change, more just an enhancement, and that's exactly what I got. It was great to see what and how the trainees learn, and definitely confirms the trust I have in Elke and her knowledge and experience is well-placed.

Elke is an eyebrow artist Eyebrow Salon

I was very impressed with Elke's going,yet thorough business approach. Elke is a trust artist, when it comes to eyebrows. However,she is also a minimalist, which is precisely why I chose her. I highly recommend!!

Elke Von Freudenberg is Excellent! Eyebrow Salon

I have always thought my eyebrows to be difficult and I always felt bad for the person trying to fix them, they would get frustrated and end up doing a terrible job. But with Elke it was the total opposite. Elke is so down to earth, she explained all i needed was a few adjustments and to let certain areas grow to get the shape that I want. She made me feel at ease and for me it was painless. She is a true professional.

Elke is a pro! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is a pro. I have thick and unruly eyebrows. She knew just what to do after we discussed how I wanted them to look and how they act! She knew exactly what I was talking about and carefully went to work. She is also such a pleasant person and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together . She is gentle and has the sweetest disposition. She has done models and movie stars but she has no attitude at all. She did my eyebrows so beautifully and I will definitely return to her for my brow maintenance.

Great service ! Eyebrow Salon

Elke was great ! She was very warm and down to earth 🙂 She showed me how to cut my brows and shape them and was very detailed in getting my eyebrows even ! I will definitely be back.

Elke is Fabulous! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is truly great at what she does! She began by looking at my brows and asking me questions about what I wanted. She was also great at explaining things along the way and checking in with me to make sure that I liked how things were turning out. She is excellent!

Elke Von Fredenberg = One of THE best and I appreciate her professionalism in not only her expert shaping but also her thoughtful tips for brow maintenance between visits. Elke is a delight!" Eyebrow Salon

"My eyebrows seem to have a mind of their own at times, and I've learned to entrust their shaping to professionals. Having been to nearly a dozen of the ""best"" eyebrow specialists in NYC

Secret NYC Beauty Weapon Eyebrow Salon

I had given up all hope of ever having eyebrows again but Elke Von Freudenberg works miracles!!!! Whether you have too little, or too much, going on in the brow area, Expert Brow Guru Elke can help you! You will leave the salon feeling like a million bucks!


I love Elke not only is she so so so nice but she is the most amazing eyebrow speicialist ever! I will never go to anyone else, she makes my eyebrows (Which I pick at and are HARD to do) look amazing and perfect

Elke is great! Eyebrow Salon

I have been looking for a great brow specialist in NYC for the past 2 years, and I am so glad to have finally found Elke. She is incredibly friendly and welcoming and most importantly talented. The tint and shape of my brows is perfect, and I couldn't be happier with the finished results. I highly recommend her!

i don't look like a bitch anymore Eyebrow Salon

She made me look less surprised, like a scowling bitch.. thank you for teaching me and going through everything step by step 🙂 i didnt think my boyfriend would notice but he told me i look relaxed and calm.. a bit on the pricey side, more expensive than if you're to go to anastasia brows.. but as anastasia is a franchise now.. not much to expect.. elke fixed what the anastasia "brow professional" messed up.. will be going back.. not as often as i would like to 🙁

Yummy! Eyebrow Salon

As always ... LOVE my brows and the brow mascara. Getting my brows done always makes me happy. I always feel more polished afterward and ready to face the world.

Truely an Eyebrow Specialist! Eyebrow Salon

I've been thinking about seeing Elke for a while and glad I finally went for it. She was professional, friendly and kept me informed of what she was doing the whole time. Afterwards, she told me what I needed to do - where to pluck and let the hairs grow. My brows are no longer a mess thanks to Elke! She's made a loyal customer out of me!

Very Professional and Sweet. Eyebrow Salon

It was a pleasure to meet Elke. She kept my eyebrows the way I like them, thick and didn't butcher them up!! There are areas where they need to still grow and she showed me exactly where. She is friendly and professional, I felt at ease with her and would def be back. Thanks Elke!

A Master at her trade!!!!! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is an angel sent to me from the eyebrow gods! I had been growing in my eyebrows for approx. 3 months due to over-waxing. After some research, I found a couple of eyebrow gurus in the city. I loved what her website had to offer (tips, FAQs, blogs, reviews), so I chose her. She is an extremely warm person and she made me feel at ease. I knew exactly what she was doing, step by step, and she always made sure I was comfortable. I am so happy with the results will DEFINITELY be going back!

She is truly the eyebrow expert! Eyebrow Salon

It all began when I decided that I would avoid the cheap eye brow wax services in regular salons and start doing my homework. My eyebrows have been getting thinner and thinner all throughout the years because of the excessive wax jobs I've come across. Not this time. I finally did my research and decided to give Elke a try after reading all of the great articles and raving reviews. After meeting & greeting with Elke, I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed.

The Model Brow - Exceptional Service Eyebrow Salon

Elke has an amazing eye and talent for creating the perfect brow AND fixing the less than perfect ones, too. She provides exceptional service - listening carefully to clients, considering their past experiences, their style and their input before working her magic. The result is wonderful and also something that you can manage yourself. Though her product line is terrific and completely complements your salon experience, Elke never pushes her products. Instead, she helps you evaluate what you are.

Elke is fantastic! Eyebrow Salon

Elke actually did what I've been asking others to do for over ten years -- she put an arch in my brow! Elke is truly the friendliest and most knowledgeable expert I've come across in the city. And it was painless! Elke works magic and I'll definitely be back.

Beauty Experts, Brow Magicians Eyebrow Salon

Elke has the eye, experience and expertise with beautifying not only the brows, but the entire face. She has done her magic on high profile models for numerous photo shoots -- and she gives the same level of attention to all her customers. the service is completely painless (I can't believe I used to put myself through the torture of waxing), and Elke was able to really give my eyebrows such an awesome shape. I feel like a total Betty every time I walk out of the salon after I see her. I trust her 100% with my face (brows, skin, eyes, etc). And rumor has it that she may be expanding her services to offer additional treatments -- I can't wait!

Elke Is The Best Eyebrow Salon

I am brow obsessed. I have been to numerous salons and brow specialists and well, a few times it was ok and other times quite scary. I came to Elke a few months ago and gave her the run down of my brow experiences and once again said not thin, keep them thick and pointed out a few things I did not like from the past, spock brows, round brows , missing end brows etc. She patiently listened and she clearly already had an understanding of all this. She worked on my brows careful to leave hairs in areas that needed to be grown in, not making the best of a bad brow which gets you nowhere. She aimed for the perfect brow. This was my kind of place! I am happy to say my brows now look terrific. I get to come home and marvel at them as opposed to coming home thinking, will Rogaine help me here, I know silly. Anyways, she is super awesome. She understands brows and face shapes. No creepy stencils or thin aging brows will be had here. It is not about trends in my opinion, your brow should match your face and have depth and some hair, a thin brow is not a woman's friend. Elke has mastered the art of this. I can see it in my head but Elke makes it come alive. So leave your brows alone, quit your search for the right person and place them in the hands of the expert Elke. She is also super sweet and patient and quite charming. Fabulous experience all round. You won't want ot leave NYC after having your brows done by Elke, yes, she is that good. Hurray for Elke! And many thanks 🙂

great work Eyebrow Salon

I thought Elke was awesome.. a true talent and the nicest, most geniune person too. I will definately be going back and recommending my friends as well.

10 years younger! Eyebrow Salon

I walked out looking more awake and 10 years younger! This is my new go-to spot for brows! They take their times and use such precision. I will no longer trust anyone else to touch my brows.

Elke is my go to for my brows! Eyebrow Salon

I've been seeing Elke for about 3 yrs and with her help my grooming is streamlined and perfected. One of the nicest things about Elke is she enjoys her work- she explains every step and I've never had anything but perfectly shaped brows.

Elke is WONDERFUL! Eyebrow Salon

If you are looking for an expert to shape your eyebrows - look no futher! Elke puts you at ease, explains what she is doing and teaches you how to maintain. She has made a repeat client out of me and I would strongly recommend her.

Professional but friendly Eyebrow Salon

I enjoyed my time with Elke who makes you feel welcome, listens to your comments and does a great job. She has her own line of products, but there is no pressure to buy, I shall definitely go again.

Very talented professional Eyebrow Salon

Elke took the time to talk through my wants and needs before getting to work. Once she started, she talked me through the process and provided advice for ongoing maintenance. She's very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Excellent! Eyebrow Salon

Elke did an excellent job shaping my brows, and they look the best they ever have. She had a warm personality, made each person feel comfortable, and gave great maintenance tips.

Happy Brows! Eyebrow Salon

My eyebrows are finally on their way to happiness. Elke is fabulous and she is extremely knowledgeable. It is great to find someone who really understands eyebrows. Thanks Elke I can't wait to come for my next visit.

Great service!! Eyebrow Salon

The service was very good. Elke made very good suggestions and made sure that she explained what she was trying to achieve. She also provided great maintenance tips! She just made a regular customer out of me!

Definitely the best eyebrows in NYC! Eyebrow Salon

I only wish I had found Elke sooner. I have difficult, corse and curly eyebrows and was told to try threading when I moved to NY. This was a really bad idea. After the second time I noticed a huge change in the shape. They were getting very thin and the gap was widening. I stopped going and was just about out of options when I found Elke. She is fantastic! I'm starting to get back to the shape I like and Elke is teaching me to maintain them myself. I'm recommending her to everyone now.

I love my new eyebrows! Eyebrow Salon

Elke did a great job of fixing my eyebrows and explaining why she was "styling" them a certain way based on my hair type and other factors. She also taught me how to actually apply brow make-up and then which areas to avoid plucking to get the look I'm trying to achieve. Thanks Elke!!

Love my brows Eyebrow Salon

My experience with Elke was amazing! I l have difficult brows and I always hate the way they look because of a small scar through my right brow. Elke fixed me right up! With just a little filling in my brows look perfect!

Elke is awesome Eyebrow Salon

I will never do the cheap waxing again. Elke took the time to shape my brows and tought me how to maintaing them between sessions. I will definitely be going back.

THE BEST! Eyebrow Salon

I recently saw Elke, after a series of disappointing eyebrow appointments throughout Manhattan, and am never leaving! Not only did she take the time to listen to what I wanted and why I was unhappy, but she also taught me how to apply proper eyebrow make up, to cover up the imperfections which still remained. Although the price is seems steep, it is worth it for the quality and professional demeanor Elke maintains.

Elke Von Freudenberg was great Eyebrow Salon

Elke was very attentive and gave me a great lesson brow maintenance. I am pretty happy with my natural brows but was looking for a more cleaned up look. I definitely look more polished now, and will avoid the cheap waxing I had before. Definitely worth it!

wow!! Eyebrow Salon

After reading many great reviews and different articles on how great Elke is, I wanted her to work on my unruly and difficult brows. I must say she exceeded my highest expectations! First off she has such a beautiful feeling around her, I immediately felt comfortable. She listened to my needs and was very thorough in explaining what she thought would work for me and how she would deliver it. I am in love with my brows now and recommend Elke to everyone. I'm officially hooked!!!

Elke works wonders with eyebrows Eyebrow Salon

I had the most fantastic experience at my brow shaping with Elke. She was very pleasant & relaxing in her demeanor - and she was able to fix a rather shoddy eyebrow waxing I had received before. I definitely recommend Elke!

very professional! Eyebrow Salon

She was very nice, professional and took the time to listen and really see what my issues were and what I wanted to accomplish in the visit. She will help your brows suit your face!

Best experience having my eyebrows done ever Eyebrow Salon

Elke was sweet and extremely helpful. My eyebrows were thin and shapeless and she talked me through getting them back To the way I want them. I will be continuing to see elke. It was well worth any price 🙂

Elke: Sweet Expertise generous warm

"All I did was type in ""Best eyebrow specialist in NYC."" Elke's name popped up all over the screen. I made an appointment. We met.First about Elke: She is courteous

Virtually painless and looks great Eyebrow Salon

A wonderful repeat experience. I almost fell asleep. And I looked so much better when Elke was finished. She maintains the fullness of my brows and never pushes her products.

Love My Eyebrows! Eyebrow Salon

My eyebrows are tattooed on too thinly. Within 3 months of seeing Elke, my eyebrows have been transformed. She taught me how to scrub and grow my eyebrows so she could shape them to compliment my face. I love them now!

Highly Recommended Eyebrow Salon

Elke is very patient and very thorough. She works hard to understand and fulfill the desires of her clients. She made my horrible eyebrows look great! I recommend her highly!

Great experience Eyebrow Salon

Elke did such a great job. My eyebrows were never shaped so perfectly. And I'm one of those people who never writes reviews but this time I wanted to share it with others. I live pretty far from the city but from now on I'm going to Elke only.

brows are back! Eyebrow Salon

It has been about a month since Elke worked on my brows. What a difference. Comments include: did you lose weight? you look so rested? It definitely adds some time to my morning routine but it makes me happy.

Get Elkefied! Eyebrow Salon

Elke is an artist! She does such an amazing job, you will walk out of there feeling like a new woman. She really takes the time with you, she knows how to shape your brows so that they perfectly fit your face. Really, truely, my eyebrows have never looked so good! Thanks so much Elke! See you soon!

Great job Eyebrow Salon

This was my first time getting my brows done and I loved the results!! I highly recommend Having your eyebrows done by Elke! She is great, very nice and professional.



Miracle worker Eyebrow Salon

I have the problem of over-waxing/plucking through the years and my eyebrows are sparse and uneven. I started using her scrub (from her own line, made of natural ingredients) and I definitely saw hair growth in the 3 weeks that I was using it every night. I'm allergic to most every product in the market and I had no reaction at all. Awesome

Wizard of Eyebrows Eyebrow Salon

She is the best ever. I have really wild eyebrows that she has tamed and shaped perfectly. She explains everything she is doing and how you can keep up the brows until your next appointment. She really has the magic touch! Plus she is a super nice person.

Incredible experience Eyebrow Salon

I went back for a return visit but brought my mother along with me this time and she made the both of us feel so at ease and made sure that we were happy with what she was doing every step of the way. We're both extremely happy with our eyebrows and can't wait to go back. Elke is amazing at what she does!

Wonderful!! Eyebrow Salon

She is not only talented but super nice! It was the first time getting my eyebrows shaped and was a little nervous. She made me so comfortable, and my eyebrows came out perfect. She truly is the best!

Fabulous! Eyebrow Salon

What a find! She shaped and refined my too thin eyebrows to perfection. I'm using the scrub and looking forward to thicker eyebrows in the future. Elke can work magic.

brow genius Eyebrow Salon

elke is amazing. she transformed my brows with a wave of her tweezers and wha la... she even gave me a lesson on how to apply brow shadow correctly. sooo glad i found her!!!!

Great at what she does Eyebrow Salon

I went to see Elke after a previous botched eyebrow job. Elke is patient and she took the time to make sure I would be pleased with my result and I most certainly am. She also provided me with expert advice on how to not only get the maxim benefits but on how to maintain them. I will definitely be going to see her again