5 Star Client Reviews


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Maria Devitt

Elke is a wizard and an expert at discovering eyebrows that you didn't know were even there! Under her advice and products, my left brow grew back (after 20 years of it not) and I love the brow tint product for blondes--actually gives me some oomph without it being too severe! And she's one of the sweetest, funniest, good humored people I've ever met. I feel so lucky to live in NYC and have access to her!

Zuzanna L.

PHENOMENAL!! I don't know what else to say other than the fact that Elke really has an eye for eyebrows and her hands are magical. I came in unhappy with the overall shape of my brows and told her everything I was unhappy with and she was so attentive and lovely to talk to. She made me feel super comfortable while working absolute magic on my brows. She made sure to check in with me every few minutes to make sure I liked them and I would just nitpick what I wanted fixed and she was more than happy to help. She was super attentive and thorough and made sure I was satisfied. I was coming from NJ so I was praying to have a good expeirence and she gave me a GREAT experience. Will definitely be coming back and I 10/10 recommend Elke.


Rita Santos

Elke, the owner of the salon, couldn’t be lovelier! She was very attentive to detail and she did my eyebrows exactly the way I requested. I asked for her to be extra conservative as this was my first time getting my eyebrows worked on. I requested the lamination, shaping and tint. After I waited the required 48 hours for the treatment to settle, I decided that I wanted to go a little darker with the tint. Elke, a professional who values customer satisfaction, was super accommodating and eager to please. I went back at a time that was “convenient for me” and she re-tinted my brows at no cost. All in all, the experience was wonderful! My brows look natural and lush. The salon is clean and spacious and COVID precautions are put in place to guarantee to safety of the customer during their service.


I will never let anyone other than Elke touch my eyebrows ever again…she is a true artist!


Elke really took time to understand my needs and desired shape of my brows. She used tweezers to reshape, but it did not hurt at all. Overall, I am happy with her skills. It will take me a couple of sessions with her to get my brows in perfect shape.

Carol A.

I think Elke is great. I went to another famous brow person once or twice years ago when she was just starting out herself, and then returned years later with overtweezed brows, only to find she had developed a very high-maintenance racket that involved a lot of scolding, frequent maintenance visits and the sense that I could never do anything right. After a few visits I decided to try Elke instead, and discovered the eyebrow charmer of my dreams. My brows looked fantastic after the first session and with her help they grew back miraculously quickly. I actually had to persuade her to sell me her products. She's very low-key, she's always pleasant, she gives plenty of tips, and she doesn't expect me to spend more on her than I do on my hairdresser. What's not to like?


What an incredible experience! Elke was so kind and professional ... and I couldn't be happier with my brows! I've been looking for the right person to do my brows and Elke surpassed my expectations. Looking forward to my next appointment!


My eyebrows are amazing now thanks to Elke!


She was amazing ! I was really nervous because I had never been and didn’t really know what to expect but she was so welcoming and sweet. She explained what we needed to work on and gave me some great tips on how to get my eyebrows back to the way they were. I left really happy with the results of my eyebrows. They were uneven and she evened them out with little effort. They look amazing and in turn I feel amazing!


Elke is a total pro and really knows good eyebrows. I was nervous as I have been putting off doing something 'proper' with my eyebrows for ages. Thank you!


love my new improved eyebrows!!

Harmony P

Elke is amazing! I've been looking for a place to have my eyebrows professionally done for some time now. My biggest regret was not taking a clear "before" picture because the difference was shocking to me. My face looks more balanced and my eyes stand out more.

She is professional, precise, and friendly. She took time to get to know me and gave some pointers on growing my eyebrows out (they were very thin several years ago and have been slow to grow back).
The plucking was not painful at all and she kept me relaxed the whole time. I would definitely recommend her and plan to keep going back!

FEB 19th '24!