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Third Visit, Beautiful Brows

My third visit and my eyebrows have never looked better! Thank you Elke!

Elke's a Pure Treat!

I never write reviews for anything but Elke is just such a pure treat it's hard not to! Professional, warm, amazing at educating her clients and above all a magician with eyebrows. I couldn't recommend her more!

Transformed My Brows

Elke has transformed my brows and I am in complete awe of her skills!!! I will be recommending her to everyone!

she's the best!

Elke has been kind, considerate and very very skillful. I have been going to her now for several years, and think she's the best. My eyebrows look fantastic when she's done shaping and dyeing them. She has even managed to get some life back into my not-very-thick eyelashes.

Truly exceeded expectations!

Elke's studio was very warm and inviting, and her staff are so courteous. Elke took several steps in color to get the brow tint, making certain we were on the same page as she worked through each step of tinting and shaping. All week I have been receiving compliments, and I can definitely attribute it to Elke's artistry.

Elke is simply the best at what she does.

Elke is simply the best at what she does. Thanks to her I've reached my 'eyebrow goals!' She's also one of the most pleasant people you'll ever meet in NYC - makes that whole plucking hair thing a little nicer.

Eyebrow Guru

Elke is an eyebrow genius. I am so pleased and delighted that I found her. My experience at her salon was extremely positive. Elke has a very calming presence, and I immediately felt relaxed upon meeting her. My eyebrows were a mess when I arrived, but they looked better than ever when I left. She gave me sound advice on caring for my eyebrows going forward. I will definitely continue going to Elke to keep my eyebrows looking great.

Brow Artist

"Elke, you are truly an ""ARTIST."" I couldn't be more pleased with the results of our last session. Here I am coming to you thinking it was my final session as the depillar treatments worked so well that very little previously removed hair came back. As I looked in the mirror

I have never once regretted going and never see anyone leave her office with less than perfect brows.

Note: This is one of the very few reviews I have ever written, so you know I feel strongly enough about this business and want it to be successful forever.
I can't say enough about Elke. I came to her a year or so after I had taken the time to thoroughly grow out my brows. Rather than risk reshaping them for the first time myself and going back to my old ways, I wanted a pro who understands on-trend brows seen in high fashion (not generic stencil or waxing techniques) to show me what my brows could offer my face. And WOW. I cannot express how pleased I was. The shape was so perfectly done and made me look stunning - model-esque! I felt instantly more fresh-faced and spent the next month hardly wanting to wear foundation or lipstick at all, because all I wanted to do was let my full brows take the stage. I am now in to see Elke for brow tints to help all those pesky blonde hairs to show up and any time I want a special treat I am sure to get an a la carte shaping. I have never once regretted going and never see anyone leave her office with less than perfect brows. In fact, I still feel incredible after seeing her. Not only is she a total expert, she is such a sweetheart and joy to talk to.
I went again today for a brow tint and trim, and this evening (hours later) my husband immediately commented on how bright and youthful my face looked. He never notices my beauty appointments! Best of all, I know I'll spend the next few weeks basking in the freedom of not having to fill in my brows daily and enjoying the confidence it gives me to go out bare-faced.

Elke was so nice and down to earth!

"I wouldn't say that I have ""problem"" eyebrows but they definitely need to be cleaned up every so often...I get nervous going just anywhere since pulling 1 wrong hair can make or break them! Elke was so nice and down to earth! She listened to me and didn't just slap on some wax and sent me on my way

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