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Brow Artistry

Elke is honest, knowledgeable, creative and professional. Painless tweeting by Elke gave me the perfect brow for my face. You will not be disappointed.

Can't Praise Elke Enough

I have had 6 sessions with Elke with the purpose of shaping my brows to be more androgynous. She has done an amazing job of achieving it. I am also lazy in that I don't want to keep home tweezing to keep up the style so for the last 3 sessions, Elke has been using her Depilar treatment on me. I can't rave about this enough. After 3 sessions (faster then average)hardly any hairs are returning and the ones that do are soft and easily removed. If you want beautiful low maintenance brows, I highly recommend the Depilar treatment

Best experience!

Could not have had a better experience! My brows look amazing, but I most impressed with how almost painless he tweezing was and especially impressed with my eyelash tint. Didn't get a drop in my eye and was a painless experience. So excited to have found Elke!

Master of Brows

I will never let anyone touch my eyebrows again except for Elke! I had a terrible waxing experience years ago that left me with brows the width of a pin head. In the past year that I have been going to Elke, she has helped transform my eyebrows dramatically. With her techniques, my eyebrows are fuller and have a great shape. She is a very experienced eyebrow genius! I cannot thank her enough. And on top of her expertise, she is such a sweet, down to earth person.

Professional Par Excellence

I cannot praise Elke enough. She is conscientious, thoughtful and the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to eyebrows.

Noni O.

I had an appointment for a Model Brow with lash and eyebrow tint with Elke a couple of days ago and it exceeded my expectations. Elke is truly an eyebrow genius. She obviously is able to really look at a client and discern what is right for that specific face. No cookie cutter brows here. A flattering and natural shape with colors to enhance each individual. Elke is a good listener and instills confidence. She also uses gentle products with a skilled hand. I was completely relaxed and beyond satisfied with my outcome.
I will certainly be back.

Amazing!!! I feel like I had a mini eye lift. I will NEVER let anyone else touch my brows!"

"I have had my eyebrows done before by other ""eyebrow experts"". Honestly this is the first time my eyebrows have ever looked this amazing!!! In just one visit Elke was able to tweeze (painlessly I might add) my eyebrows into looking awesome. My eyebrows are thinning due to age/threading and she showed me how to fill them in while they grow in. She offered me a sample of her eyebrow scrub and there is zero pressure to purchase any of her products. I did anyway because her eyebrow mascara was simple and easy to use. Besides being super talented in her field

Should have gone to Elke sooner!

My brows were always a work in progress...with no end in sight. I have naturally uneven brows, and prominent jaws and cheekbones. I wasn't sure where to arch my brows, how high the arch should be (to balance out those prominent jaws and cheeks), and how thin/thick they should be... After reading Elke's great reviews on Yelp, I booked an appointment and today, I am finally at peace with my brows! They are still a work in progress but Elke has given me great directions for where my brows are going and I can finally stop wondering if I'm shaping my brows in a way that fits my face.
Elke and the receptionist (I'm sorry I didn't get her name) were friendly, down to earth, and professional at all times.
First, Elke listened to me about how I wanted my brows, how I normally shape my brows, and all problems I had shaping my brows. Then she spoke to me about keeping my natural shape and thickness (I wanted them on the thick side), making my brows even, tips on growing out my brows in certain areas, current popular brow looks, and maintaining my brows. Then she applied a numbing agent and plucked away, all the while keeping friendly chats and working very intensely on my brows. It didn't hurt at all, no tugging on my lids or skin.
After, Elke taught me how to fill in my brows and gave me a mirror so that I can watch her as she did it. She was extremely patient with my questions about brow powder tones and even gave me advice on using the right brushes for application. Elke did not push any products on me. I did buy Elke's brow powder because I had been looking for one and with Elke's recommendation, I knew I couldn't go wrong.
After my appointment, my new brows and I went shopping, and I can't tell you how many looks and compliments I got from people!
Elke is an artist and a scientist in eyebrows. I just let her talent, experience, and precision take away all my frustration. It's so worth it. If I had done this sooner, I wouldn't have wasted so much time, money (on useless products!), and energy. I'm looking forward to my next appointment and my brows' progress!

YOU WON'T FIND BETTER ANYWHERE!! Elke not only has amazing talent but she is lovely to talk to and runs a very professional salon. There's never a wait and checking out is friendly

"Elke has been doing my brows for well over a year now. All I can say is that she is truly a ""brow wizard"". I doubt that anyone could find better. I'm thrilled each time she shapes my brows and she works quickly and painlessly. She has a true talent for knowing how to give a professionally styled brow

Elke you were absolutely amazing.

Elke you were absolutely amazing, you really know what your doing, my eyebrows were a mess and you completely fixed them to look the best they ever have. I love them!!! they have never looked better and I'm very happy with the work you did. Your also very sweet and made me feel comfortable. Thank you so much for the awesome experience. I will be back for my next session and i will never go for a cheap thread, nail salon, or to another place again. Coming to you is well worth it

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