Product Spotlight: All Over Brow Highlight Brush

What we love about our Brown Faux Brushes, is that they’re all made to be multi-purpose. Take in case, our Lipstick Brush. It’s not just a lipstick brush. It’s also a:

  • Lip Gloss Brush : for both lip gloss and lipstick. The rounded tip applies color just right.
  • Concealer Brush : for under eyes and around nose. Works with both creams and mineral makeup.
  • Highlight Brush : great for applying highlights to the brow bone, or tops of cheekbones.

Hint: Brow Highlight shadows gives a great way to hide stray hairs as they grow in by reflecting light away from brows growing back in.


Use the All Over Brow Highlighter Brush to apply our Brow Hi-light shadows.
Can also be used as a concealer brush.
Can also be used to apply eye shadow color to the eyelid.

Our Brown Faux brushes are designed to work with both creams and powders.  And the Brown Faux? It’s fake synthetic squirrel hair.. super soft, can be sanitized and eco-friendly.

Our faux squirrel All Over Brow Highlighter brush is the perfect cut and size for applying our brow highlight shadows. Apply from the beginning of the brow all the way to end ends, to enhance and make the brow shape look stronger, and sharper.


100% Synthetic.
Cruelty Free.
Vegan approved
No Animal Hair/Fur.
Works with both creams and powders.
Matte black handles and black ferrules.
Safe for sensitive skin.
Odor and dye-free when washed.
5.5″ Long

We thought you’d like that.

small all over brushGreat for applying lipstick, gloss, concealers & highlight shadows.