Announcing Our Newest Brow Service

After tons of experimenting and using our clients as willing guiena pigs, our newest Brow Service has officially launched.  If you have curly/wavy hair, it’s most likely you might have curly/wavy eyebrows as well. The hard part is that the curl of the brow is usually on the tip or end of the brow hair, leaving most people to trim or cut the brows to get rid of the curl so that the brow can lay straight.  But in most cases, you end up having to cut too much and get a short, stubby brow instead loosing length needed at the arch and the ends of the brows.


The best thing to do is to actually straighten the brow hairs which we do with the perm solution that we use when we perm lashes.  Instead of creating a curl, we are able to straighten the hair and create a perfectly straight brow. Even those with afro and kinky hair can benefit from the service as well. And the best part is that the straightening lasts for weeks because you have to wait for the entire hair to grow out for the curl to come back.

We’ve gotten such great feedback from clients that it’s now officially on the menu.

  • To Book online
  • Choose Brows (Elke) category, then Brow Straightening.
  • $40
  • 20 minutes