Thin Eyebrows? Tips Before You Book

If you have thin eyebrows, here are Elke’s tips on what you need to consider before booking an eyebrow appointment.

Have a thin eyebrow from threading?


Don’t worry. I’ve been able to reshape and get even the thinnest eyebrows back on track. And there’s no need to go around for months with half done eyebrows waiting for them to grow in before you can get them looking perfect again. The key is to get the line of the eyebrow back on track which gives you a starting point as to where to grow in. Once you have that line, you can then keep an eye on them and keep those hairs growing in where you need them. A thick brow is not needed for me to create the line of the brow. Once that is put in, you can maintain and get your brows thicker while maintaining on your own. 

Tweeze or Wax?

The Model Brow® Service offers a precise eyebrow shaping every time with either wax or tweezing. Your choice. But in fact, 98% of my clients actually prefer and request tweezing. Why? Because I can tweeze only the stray hairs that are needed and keep a lot of what’s growing in for you to keep.

In Between Appointments

It’s always easier grow in brows, by keeping them neat looking. Why? Because if you wait for months for them to grow in, you’re usually left with just messy looking brows, and the inclination of going at them with a pair of tweezers when you can’t stand them anymore. Hence, messing them up again. Key is to grow them 1/2 rows at a time, both above and below the brows. Everything else? If it’s not needed, clean it up.  You’ll be left with a neater looking brow, that’s easier to maintain and will grow in quicker. But let a pro do the first initial clean up first. It’ll easier to maintain them as they grow in.

To tweeze or not to tweeze?


I get asked a lot, how do you know when to tweeze a hair or not? Let your gut be your guide. If you’re about to pull a hair, but you’re not sure? You’re probably right. Don’t. If you know for certain you can pull a hair and you’ll be fine, your gut will tell you it’s ok.  Still now sure? Pull down the hair with the tip of the tweezer, but don’t pull. Take a look and see what it would look like if you pull. Any holes behind it? Don’t. If it looks ok, you’re probably ok to go ahead and pull.