The Night Brow Look

Don’t think that a night brow look has to be as dramatic as the look above. Think softer, more elegant, but definitely glamorous.  How to? 

Read on to see how to create Elke’s Night Brow Look

elke : NIght Brow

Don’t think you have to be stuck with one color. Do something a little glamorous for night.

How? By using our specially designed Night Brow Shadows, to glamorize and accessorize your brows for night. Soft shimmers accentuate your brows at night for a subtle, yet sexy look.Night Brow Shadows

Shown above: left to right

 Night Brow Shadows

  • Blonde : Wanna
  • Auburn : Big Time
  • Light-Medium Brown : Hot Pants
  • Dark Brown-Black : Sin City

Here’s Elke’s Step by Step Guide, to creating your night brow.

1. The Simple Night Brow

Apply your Night Brow Shadow exactly like you would your Day Brow Shadow.

Using the MULTI TASK BRUSH (shown above) using the flat brush, apply the Night Brow throughout the brow.


2. The Ombre Night Browelke : day brow shadows

Apply your Day Brow Shadow that matches your brow color.


Apply your Night Brow Shadow but focus from the arch towards the ends of the brows.



3. The Dramatic Night Brow

Apply your Night Brow Shadow but focus along the bottom of the brow.

Apply your Day Brow Shadow that matches your brow color but focus on the tops of the brows blending down into the night brow shadow. The gradation should be darker along the bottom of the brow going lighter towards the tops.

Here are some more great Ombre Brow Ideas I found online.. try blending into a darker version of a color or two totally different shades… think different colors, different shades, light to dark to bright… get creative!