Bleached Brows: Should You Do?

Everyone in the beauty biz is talking about how the next hottest trend after the strong dark, thick brow, will be the super pale, bleached brow. But should you do it?


The NY Times shares their view of the editorial views of the bleached brow, along with their very edgy slideshow of the trend seen lately in all the magazines. But should you do it?

Blackbook Magazine shares a tip on how to do it yourself with their statement from Daily Candy’s Photo Editor Nicola Kast. Her at home method involved using facial bleach applied to eyebrows. “I just mixed some of the paste together and applied it onto my eyebrows thickly, making sure not to get too close to my eyelids,” Kast says. “Because of the color of my eyebrows I left on the paste a little longer, and then scraped off the goop with the little mixing spatula.”

2D4DC53E-64FD-4F52-A12B-94D87E7EE5C6.jpgWord to the wise though. Only licensed hairstylists are allowed to actually bleach your hair, whether it’s on your head on or your face, and even licensed estheticians such as myself are not allowed to do this.

So if you want to do this at home, know that you can run the risk of turning your
eyebrows into a lovely shade of orange if you leave the mixture on too long or you’re trying to go from too dark to too light… a goof factor that even the licensed pros can make too.6DB83C15-795F-493D-B15F-92EF2090061F.jpg If you want to do the next hot brow trend, leave it to the pros.

If your brows are on the lighter side, try this makeup trick instead: Brush on a concealer shade to ‘fake’ the look without the permanent results.

Just run a spoolie brush through concealer or foundation and brush through your brows to lighten. The thicker the concealer, the lighter the brows will look, but it can also look fake. Not liking the look? Try lightening with a few applications of foundation instead for a softer look.