The Bold Brow and A La Carte Brow Service

Announcing New Brow Shaping Services



Model Brow A La Carte Service 15 min
We are thrilled to be launching the Model Brow A La Carte Service which is a quick refresh for our time-restricted clients.

This 15-minute version of the Model Brow Service is aimed at busy clients looking for a quick tidy-up, ideal for maintaining groomed brows between main appointments.


  • Brow Shaping & Trimming Only
  • Brow tinting or brow makeup is not included.
  • 15 minutes
  • For Return Clients Only
  • $50
The Fuller Brow Service 30 min
 This past season’s Bold & Natural Brow continues to be the rage for Fall ‘14/Winter ‘15.  To aid you in your quest for brow perfection we have created the Fuller Brow Service, which will save you the awkward growing-out period and months of unruly eyebrows and make your transition from over plucked, over tweezed, or sparse brows to lavish, plush brows.
The Fuller Brow Service Includes:
1) A Brow Shaping & Brow Tint and a tutorial on how to create and maintain the look at home.
2) A Brow Consultation in which Elke will give advice on which brow product best suits you.
3) Included is your choice of product, included in the service price: Can choose a different product with each visit.browfixx_clear
  • Elke’s Brow Smooth orbrowsmooth
  • Clear Brow Gel or
  • Regular Brow Pencil in your recommended shade