Bold Brows Still The Rage for Next Spring

Models as seen from the collections of: Oscar de la Renta.

Bold brows are still going to be a big trend as we go through the spring months of next year.  (Along with the rosy cheeks that were seen on the fall runways.)

To create the look: 2 Products

For Cheeks:

Orgasmic Blush

Orchidee Blush

Try our blush available at the salon in “Orgasmic” (a gorgeous peachy gold version similar to the Nars Orgasm blush) or “Orchidee”, a pop of pink fuschia.  You can also try Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Sheerest Cream Blush – provides the sheerest wash of pure color for a more translucent effect.

For Brows:

Try our brand new Waterproof Automatic Brow Pencils in Taupe, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, and Auburn. Just draw on and then brush through for hair like strokes with the spoolie brush end. The pencil is based in a wax that sets to a waterproof finish. So gorgeous, we can’t keep them in stock.