The Bridal Brow Highlight


Available in Elke (retail) & Model Brow (salon/spas) Brands.

  • Glowstick Hi-Light Shadow:(*s)
  • A soft cream highlight with touches of gold.
  • Beautiful on all skin tones.
  • This is fast becoming an Elke favorite among her clients. Very elegant.

To offer a highlight shadow in a color between our whites (SugarWhitestar) for light skin tones and our yellows (CanaryCyberGlow) for medium to darker skintones, we now have a gorgeous cream shade with beautiful specks of gold to offer a beautiful and classy highlight shade.  In working with it on my clients, I’ve noticed that this color works great on a wide array of skintones, from very light to medium and it’s fast becoming a huge favorite of mine. The soft gold shimmer is subtle and is beautiful when caught in the light.

As with all Hi-Light Shadows, you can also mutli-task with it:

* Use as an all over eye shadow.
* Use as a face/body highlighter.
* Apply to tops of cheekbones, collarbones or anywhere you want a shimmering or glittery highlight.