Brow Grooming Product How To’s

Do your brows look great without any product added? Do your brows look even in color through the brow? Then you can skip all the color products and go straight to grooming, or the easiest part of beautifying brows.

Much like how you would use products in your hair. Thicker, coarser hair needs strong gels and waxes to hold, while thin hair needs a lighter product to keep in place without weighing it down.

Two products that make your brows look even better are

Products Show:
Brow Tamer (clear wax)
Brow Ware (Clear Brow Mascara)

1. Brow Gel
Brow Gel is the lighter of the two and meant for eyebrow hairs that are thin. In a mascara wand format, just brush on through brows in the direction you want the brows to go and then let dry. Best Brow Gels are ones that don’t turn gray after they have dried, and do not leave a crunchy, or stiff feel to the brows.

Application: For the brow gel, apply your brow colors (shadow or pencil) first, and then apply your brow gel after, to make the color water resistant.

2. Brow Wax

Brow Wax is for thicker, coarser, and wavy brow hairs. Since these hairs are usually harder to keep in place, you need a product with a stronger holding powder.

Application: To apply, use a clear wax that will not interfere with any colored brow shadow or pencil. Apply either with your finger tip, or my favorite, apply with a clean spoolie brush and brush through.

Tip: You can apply your brow wax either before or after your brow color, for different results. For a stronger color, apply brow wax first through the brow hairs, then apply your brow shadow with a straight or angle brow brush. You’ll notice that the brow color goes on a tad darker and with a sharper line since you mixing the brow color into the wax as you apply. For a softer look, apply your brow color first, then set with your brow wax on top to seal in the color.

Makeup Artist Trick: What I love to do is pick up the clear brow wax with my clean spoolie brush, then dip the brush into my brow shadow, and then brush through. Do this lightly and after a few tries, you’ll know exactly how much of each you need to get the right mix for you.