Brow Tip #2 Are your brows making your nose look big?

2. Where the brow starts determines the illusion of the width of your nose.


Yep, you heard right. Where the brow starts can make your nose look either too thin or too thick. It really doesn’t make your eyes look ‘wide-set’ and the wrong placement can actually make your eyes look cross eyed.  Here you can see in the above photo that while the brows were started at the tear duct, here it’s actually making the model’s nose look very wide.


Where the brow starts should be individualized to each person. Here, while the brow seems like it’s starting too far in, it’s actually the best starting point for her because it actually makes her nose look thinner, and brings out her eyes, especially in photos.

The starting point is different on everyone. Best to have a pro determine where yours is.