Brow Tip #8 Blend, blend and blend.

8. Blend, blend and blend some more.


You always hear about blending your eye shadow or foundation, right? But what about your eyebrows? Yep, they need blending too.


After every application of shadow, and/or pencil, always blend the color with a spoolie or mascara wand to blend and even out the color. By blending into the skin, you’re softening the product and making your brows look like yours, not made up ones.

So what’s the routine?

1. Apply brow shadow.
2. Blend.
3. Apply brow pencil (if needed)
4. Blend

TIP: The more you blend with your spoolie brush, the softer the color gets and the more real it looks. Applied too much or color too dark? Just blend away until you get the desired result.